How long does it take to get a response for a ticket?

Submitted an email requesting a SIM with all the details needed.

Created : May 7, 2020 9:13 PM (11 hours ago and still in Open status)

Still in Status: Submitted

Will anyone respond ? I have a ticket #

Good Morning @santhoshk,

To answer the question posed by your thread title, the time to receive a response on one’s ticket varies depending upon the nature of the issue and the overall volume of tickets in the queue. Based on your screenshot, it looks like you raised the ticket around 10:00 PM last evening. If I’m not mistaken, the team that would arrange a CDMA SIM generally works business hours.

I’m confident you will indeed receive a response, however, if you’d like to post your ticket number (nothing more) here, someone will alert staff that you’re awaiting their response.

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Hi @santhoshk,

You have two tickets on the matter. Your first ticket was replied to at 12:32 ET this morning.

The second ticket was, as @rolandh had expected, opened by following the instructions in our Help Article and was sent to a small team who works normal business hours.

Because there is no need for two teams to be working on the same request, I will merge your tickets so that the first team who was awaiting your reply has the information they need to fulfill the request.

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Hi @santhoshk,

I’ve replied on your ticket. There is one more bit of info we’ll need before we can ship that SIM card. If you did not receive the E-mailed response from me, you can view the ticket by signing in at

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