How long does it take to get a response?


What phone do you have? motox first gen

What plan are you on? unlimited 3g

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? unlimited

Issue Description

my issue is that earlier this month my phone account got cancelled because my bank cancelled my bankcard without notifying me and when i tried to physically activate my phone i forgot to update my payment with the new card so im unable to activate it and the phone just says pending, i have already went to the website and updated it to the new card right after i figured out what i did wrong. but that i think put me in limbo and its impossible to get my phone working. so i made a ticket #1536421 and i haven’t had a reply for some hours. i know that sounds impatient but i need a phone to pay some bills and if i don’t pay them other more important things will be turned off like my electricity to my house and cable tv ect… if i could get a representative to help me out i would appreciate it cuz i need my phone working today ty.


Hi @johnf.yjp20r,

We’re experiencing a very high ticket volume due to an outage yesterday. There is nothing manual that an agent can do to expedite your payment. I’ll take a look at your account and see if there’s guidance I can give you that would move things along.


Hi again @johnf.yjp20r,

You have a reply in your ticket from 27 minutes ago. If you’ve already updated your payment method, the next step would be to activate the phone.

If the phone will not activate, please let us know where it is failing and what error message you are seeing.


mam i just said exactly what happened and the answer to your question is in the original post. i forgot to update it and tried to activate my phone while old card was in my payment method, then i realized what i did and went and updated it to the new card and that happened hours ago and it just says pending on my phone so im pretty sure the system is stuck trying to activate and charge the old card because i tried to update it with my old card. the guy that replied to my ticket didn’t even read what i said and told me to update my payment which i already said i did and follow the reactivation instructions which i already stated wasn’t working hence the main reason im on these forum’s and made a ticket.


Hi @johnf.yjp20r,

Please make sure I’m understanding.

You updated the credit card.
You then launched the Republic Wireless app on your phone and walked through the process to activate, agreeing to everything and submitting the order.
Once you did that, it gave you the green “activation is underway” screen that says it may take up to an hour.

If that’s not the “pending” screen you’re talking about, please include a screenshot or give me the steps to help me understand what point you’re at and what you’re seeing. I can’t think of a place in the activation process where it just says “pending.”


ok im going to explain this again

  1. i tried to activate with old cancelled card because i forgot to update.
  2. i realized my mistake right after and went and updated to new card stuck in limbo for the last 4 hours with my phone saying pending


Please see if the steps in this article clear the pending message.


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