How long does the old Republic Wireless number last after being changed using web interface?

How long does the old Republic Wireless number last after being changed using web interface?

Long enough for another provider to port it in to their system?

Is it at all possible I may loose my 50 year old number if I use the change number form on the RW site?

Verizon/MaBell land lines used to guaranty a hold time of 6 months before reissuing an old used number to a new device.

I do not believe since the portability requirements change that it is true anymore, what about RW/Bandwidth policy?

I ported this # to my Defy years ago, but due to recent policy changes it may be time to prepare for its demise.

Not sure what you are trying to do … but here are things to consider

  1. Defy (50 yr old number … Change from the RW …*** the 50 year old number will be LOST ***
  2. If you are moving to a new carrier, they must initiate the port from RW (and the account/number must be active for the transfer to take place)
  3. Review Number Transfers and Cancel My Republic Service for full details

Hi @jerryp.u9ozno,

If you use Republic’s change number feature described here; Change My Phone Number, the number being replaced is no longer yours and, therefore, cannot be transferred (ported) elsewhere after the fact. Generally, most service providers age a number for a period of time (more like 3 months rather than six) before reissuing a number, however, that does not change your inability to transfer a number no longer belonging to you. Further since you reference the number being 50 years old, I’m guessing you brought that number from another carrier. Once released, Republic (really Republic’s carrier would be required to return the number to its originating carrier in a much shorter time frame (probably 30 days).

May we know the reason, you’re contemplating a number change for your DEFY? Perhaps, Community might come up with a creative solution if we knew more detail.

If @jerryp.u9ozno, wants to port the 50 year old number elsewhere yet keep his DEFY active with a new number merely porting the number to a new service provider won’t help as doing so would deactivate the DEFY, which cannot then be reactivated.

Yes I understand the limitation … it was not clear (to me anyway) that this was what he was trying to do … hopefully @jerryp.u9ozno doesn’t proceed until he has reviewed this thread

Candidly, the only way I can think of to move the 50 year-old number elsewhere and keep the DEFY active would be to temporarily activate another Republic phone (not a DEFY XT obviously) as a new line of service, ask staff to swap the numbers between the temporarily activated phone and the DEFY then port the number after it’s on the temporarily active phone. Not exactly elegant but doable and if this is what I was wanting to accomplish worth the effort for a number I had for 50 years.

OK Thanks Folks,

I wont do anything till Sprints people do the research on RW I’m waiting for.

My reason for leaving is I’m afraid that the Defy will be further crippled without more than 11 hours notice.

Like last time when RW removed the ability to re-activate it & only giving me hours to plan for my 2 backups.

Since there was not enough time I now own 2 bricks. The bad taste has made me more proactive, besides

that it was time to upgrade & RW now scares me after many years of touting their awesome business model.

I cannot take a chance on loosing my advertised corporate number, hence my query while waiting for my other

carrier to find out how the porting can be done. I’ve already replaced the XT with a Galaxy S6 which IMO needs

real support, that is where I want the 50 year old number to end up, with Sprint, as I could not pass up $ 50 unlimited

with the phone free by taking over another family members line. I was hoping to keep the Defy for my mom since

I can be her support dept. having used it for over 7 years & having 2 reference bricks.

I was hoping to keep the Defy for my mom since I can be her support dept.

@jerryp.u9ozno ,

Why would you want to give a dinosaur phone to a loved one or friend?

She’s almost 80 & has no need for anything but the better camera & it would only be a little more than her pre-paid

burner cost her, also since she has dropped that in the toilet twice, the water resistance is worth the teaching

hassle, since I had to buy her 2 new flip phones as a result.

I also thought an icon driven system may allow her to use more features + the bigger screen can’t hurt.

Good points about the H2O resistance and screen size compared to a flip phone. Thanks for the further explanation.

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