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I am currently without a phone due to a display issue with my new phone. I am basically trying to find out what to do next - is the phone covered under warranty in this situation and/or can I activate my old RW phone for now. I created a ticket a couple of days ago, and I haven’t got a reply in around 48 hours. How long can I expect to wait for a reply? Should I go ahead and possibly buy a cheap pre-paid phone to get me by, because I can’t be without a phone any longer. Ultimately, I plan to move away from RW, because this is the second time this month that I have went without a phone waiting for a response from RW. My husband submitted a ticket earlier this month, because our phones were not working over cellular, and we experience similar results with support.

Why not use the chat line? Click on the bottom of the help page where it says open a ticket. I just checked, and the chat line was showing that it is available.

You can also post your ticket number and one of the ambassadors well contact Republic to see what the hold up is.

Republic Help

you should have heard by now please post the ticket number here and an ambassador can flag it

also check here to see if they responded and it just missed you (also check your Junk/SPAM folder)

Republic Help open tickets

You can reactive the old phone as long as it is not a Defy.

Your phone comes with a one year warranty through Motorola. Contact Motorola for warranty issues.

If you phone is over one year old and you bought with a credit card, check to see if the credit card extends the warranty for another year.

Hi @ashleyh.nzk6rn!

Oh dear! I am sorry you had to wait this long. As @marshallh and @drm186 suggested, please post your ticket number so I or one of my fellow ambassadors can have it looked into. Your ticket number will not reveal any personal information about you or your account (only Republic has access to this information) . Keep us posted!


Thank you. I have been checking the ticket regularly, because I don’t have easy access to my email while my phone is messed up.

Thank you. I will look for the chat link. I tried this at one point, but I couldn’t findit.

Thank you. The phone is 3 or 4 months old. And the display has lines through it, plus it is now flickering. It was dropped from a height of 2 feet. This is what caused the display issue. The phone is in a heavy-duty protective case, plus it was a minor drop. And there is no damage to the phone. So I was hoping it could be something simple rather than a damaged display. So I was waiting for direction from RW as to whether something like a restore could fix it. If not, I was going to re-activate my old Moto G1. Not sure if the warranty would cover something like this.

Thank you. Here is my ticket number: #1092439

I created a second ticket about not getting a response, and they closed it out and combined it with my original ticket, yet they still didn’t reply to my original ticket. So they are aware of the ticket needing a response. I have friends and family who are also on RW, and they have been experiencing similar wait times when going through ticket support.

Hi @ashleyh.nzk6rn!

Thanks for getting back! I have allerted Republic staff and they will be looking into it shortly.

ashleyh.nzk6rn wrote:

I have friends and family who are also on RW, and they have been experiencing similar wait times when going through ticket support.

Oh dear! I am sorry to hear that! They should not be waiting that long. Have they recieved a response yet or are they still waiting?

Unfortunately, it sounds like it is hardware-related. The drop probably damaged something internally like a connector the LCD. Because the device was dropped, the manufacture will not cover it under warranty (they would call it “user damage”). You could send it in for diagnostics and/or repair if you wanted too.

Thank you. I got a reply from RW now. They are helping me out with a solution.

Thank you! They already replied to my ticket, and they are helping me out with a solution. In regards to family and friends, they just told me that they have had long wait times as well. There are seven of us who all signed up for RW around the same time, back around the beginning.

Thank you so much for your help.

Great! I am sorry about the wait times. I will make sure to pass on the feedback!

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