How long it can take to move a number from a 4.0 account to a 5.0 account per AT&T

  • If you’re transferring a non-wireless number, it’ll take a minimum of 5-7 business days to complete.

The FCC classifies RW numbers as non-wireless numbers.

Although AT&T says it generally takes them 5-7 days to complete a wireline to wireless port, this may or may not explain members’ experience with extended activation wait times.


Hi @billg,

I appreciate that you’re going the extra mile and trying to figure out what’s going on, with no real insight as to what’s going on. That’s a difficult place to be in.

The issues our existing members are experiencing moving to 5.0 are unforeseen issues. They are not as simple as a known delay porting numbers between two carriers. Our engineers have been working around the clock to resolve the issues and are making significant progress. We continue to encourage members with existing legacy accounts to wait to move to 5.0 if they are able to wait.
The process will improve.


I’m going to share my personal opinion here and that is that Google isn’t some magic portal to ferret out information that only you can find and share to save Republic customers. We all have access to the public information AT&T publishes for its customers. Some of us are actually Experts for AT&T as well as Republic. The information AT&T shares for its customers may or may not be applicable to Republic’s customers. Without the inside information, which you don’t have, it is just speculation which I don’t believe is helpful, but rather confusing and potentially downright misleading.

Hi @billg,

I think it’s the nature of online communications that everything seems to have to be a disagreement or an argument.

I’d prefer to have a conversation.

Our experience in testing number transfers between 4.0 and 5.0 plans did not take the extended period of time that may be indicated by information you found online. We saw transfers take place in a matter of minutes.

We had documentation written about waiting, how to continue using 4.0 plans while waiting, what to watch for to know the wait was over. But testing indicated none of that was necessary.

If, after we get all of the current issues resolved, we find that actual transfers take longer in some cases, we will publish that information. But at this time, it is not our understanding that members need to anticipate such a delay.

I’m trying to make the point that giving people incomplete or incorrect information isn’t helping. I’m not sure why that isn’t clear. We can all speculate all day and Google all day, but it is unlikely that you’ll discover a secret trove of information that solves the problem in a way that the employees at Republic haven’t though of. Far more likely is you’ll discover incorrect information and share that, making it WORSE for people that find it. Not better.

It appears that Republic fell victim to Murphy’s Law with this switchover: if something can go wrong, it will. :wink:

Why are you speculating:

Actual experience trumps Googled documents from a different company. Should I start posting T-Mobile documents to help 4.0 users? Help docs from

@billg, here’s my suggestion for what it’s worth. Please consider editing your original post to make it clear that though AT&T says it generally takes them 5-7 days to complete a wireline to wireless port, this may or may not explain members’ experience with extended activation wait times.

Yes, in some instances, it has been suggested members restore their 4.0 SIMs and that has restored service for them while they wait. In other instances, restoring the 4.0 SIM hasn’t helped because they’ve been deactivated without 5.0 service being activated. In yet other instances, activation and port completion have been a matter of minutes. The experience really has been all over the place.


Good idea. Done.

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