How long should it take for my number transfer to Republic to take place?


My number transfer from Cricket Wireless has been accepted but it has not been provisioned to my phone yet. Can I provision it manually instantly? Or I have to wait till it automatically comes to my phone. How long will it take? I am a little nervious since i am a new RW user and I don’t want to lose my old number.


I got an email when my number transferred. It took a day for At&t to transfer my number to Republic Wireless. Good luck!


Thanks for your quick reply. Hopefully, my number will transfer successfully by tomorrow.


If you’ve received notice that the transfer is complete, but it doesn’t seem to have updated, go to the dialer on the phone, bring up the number pad and enter * # * # 8 6 4 7 # * # * that will refresh your phone with Republic’s servers and make sure that the phone is updated with the new number.


Looks on my end like you are now good. Let us know if it is not.


Just to summarize for other who may see this. Transfer acceptance is not completed. The steps go:

  1. Accepted – means the losing carrier has accepted the information provided and will port the number
  2. Firm Order Commitment (FOC)–> The date and time has been set and agreed to by the losing carrier. Usually at the same time as step 1 (almost always)
  3. Completed - Transfer is done.

Usually, takes 24 hours.

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