How long to get 5.0 SIM cards

If I sign up for a new 5.0 phone plan today, how long will it take to receive new SIM cards for my existing CDMA & GSM RW Galaxy 7 MyChoice phones? We will be on the road in our RV as of Feb 1st and be unable to receive mail, and want to know when to switch to the new plans.

I don’t think this is a question anyone can answer with certainty given the holiday shipping situation with the USPS.

Yeah, familiar with that, but hoping for an approximate answer, like, when would you ship the SIMs?

We expect to ship the SIM cards this week. I think you even have some time to wait for things to settle in. Please don’t feel like you have to rush into this today.

In fact, the SIM cards need to be activated within 45 days of purchase, so please don’t order them too early.

Hi @mistermike,

I would like to add an additional word of caution. In terms of cell phone technology, your Samsung Galaxy S7s are getting a wee bit long in the tooth. With all the changes surrounding sunset of 3G networks and the emergence of 5G networks, I strongly suggest you order a single new SIM and activate it on a new account as a new line of service accepting a new number. If, for some reason, the experience on Republic’s new plans with your Galaxy S7s isn’t what you need it to be, you would be able to continue using your My Choice plan.

If things do work on the Galaxy S7s to your satisfaction, you could then cancel service on the new line leveraging Republic’s money back guarantee and order additional SIMs to move your numbers from My Choice to new plans. Once your numbers are moved from My Choice, there’s no going back if the new plans and your Galaxy S7s don’t work well together.