How Long To Transfer Number

We just transferred my sons phone to Mint. He can call out and the phone, his SIM is Mint and we were notified everything is good. However, anyone calling him can’t get through, they just get the default Republic Wireless message. Do I have to cancel service via the account settings?

No, you don’t want to do that. What you are describing is known as a period of dual service. In and of itself, it’s a sign of an in progress but as yet incomplete port (transfer).

To directly answer your question, Republic numbers take on average 3 business days to fully port. Meanwhile, if you restored the Republic SIM to your son’s phone, I think you’d find his Republic service still working. The message folks are getting when calling him is Republic’s default voicemail message because without the SIM in the phone, the call is being unanswered. When your son’s number fully ports, you’ll receive email from Republic and his service will cancel. At that point, you’ll want to swap the Mint SIM back into your son’s phone.

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