How many yrs will the S10e work on the RW Network?

Thinking about picking up this phone now but need to get 2yrs out of it. Will I be able to use it that long on the RW network?

Hi @lisak.g62syc and welcome to the Community!

As you may know most of us here (myself included) are fellow members rather than Republic staff. The reality is no one including Republic itself can guarantee a particular phone will work on the network for a specified period of time.

The above said Samsung’s Galaxy S10e is a relatively new phone released in 2019. There’s no reason to believe one wouldn’t get 2 (or more) years out of it on Republic’s or someone else’s network. For what it’s worth, Republic still supports compatible phones as old as the DEFY XT (released some 10 years ago now).

Candidly, Republic and others won’t be able to support such older phones indefinitely due to coming (next year) changes in underlying cellular network technology. If the concern is forthcoming shut downs of older cellular technology generally would impact use of Samsung’s Galaxy S10e in the future, there is no need for such concern.

You would want to be certain any Galaxy S10e acquired for use with Republic is a match for what Republic specifies here:


Some additional aspects to consider with the timing of this purchase.

If you haven’t reviewed this announcement then I strongly recommend that you look at it

It might be worthwhile for you to check if you currently have a GSM or CDMA SIM card.

Current RW GSM Sim cards work on T-mobile network.
Current RW CDMA Sim cards work on T-mobile (formerly Sprint network) which is slated to end in June 2022.

New plans to be announced in December from RW will most likely work on the AT&T Network.

All that to say that…what “RW Network” means may change dynamically over the coming months.

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