How much are taxes and fees in Alabama?

I am thinking of changing to RW and would like an estimate for taxes and fees. I am on a budget and want a general idea of what to expect.

Hi @pamd.bkrfyn!

I totally understand . Republic does not have any hidden fees. However, by law, they have to charge tax.There is no way to know exactly how much they are going to be. I found this article that says that state and federal taxes amount to 13.31%. This article has taxes around 16.56% which would seem accurate. I think it’s generally good to plan on 20% just to play it safe. Hope that helps!


Hi @pamd.bkrfyn,

The easiest way to see exactly what you would pay including tax and regulatory recovery fees is to place a phone in your shopping cart at Republic’s online store, then checkout. At step 7 you’ll see something similar to this:

If you don’t like what you see or are not ready to proceed, don’t click “Place My Order”.

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