How much data will I need monthly to monitor my home security system?

I want to get wireless home security, how much more data will I need to get to monitor my home if away or if get buzzed. Not sure how that works?

Wireless home security uses your home’s wireless internet connection to upload video, etc to a server in the cloud. The exact setup will depend on which home security system you get.

I don’t know much about home security, but I do have 3 cameras on the outside of my house. The motion/person notifications use minimal data. Viewing the video over data takes a little more, but it’s going to really depend on how much video you’re going to watch. Usually video clips that generate notifications are pretty short (10-20 seconds) and shouldn’t use too much data. I imagine other home security sensors would use less data than video clips.

For downloading larges clips/files, you could always wait until you were on wireless to view/download them. I don’t scrutinize my videos while I’m on data; just rely on them to notify me if there’s something going on. If there was anything big going on, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for a little extra data.


Thank you. This is quite helpful!

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