How much does it cost to change phone number?

I just bought a new phone and got a phone number that I thought would be difficult to remember, so I requested a new number. I google the new number given me and I found it was a number for an Alcoholics Anonymous Group. I thought that maybe that I should get another number instead, so I did. Now I have found that the newest number comes up as number for a gal in an escort service! SERIOUSLY!!! I have used up my 2 free changes… and at this point I just wish I had kept the original one that was given me.

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Hi @karene.teyufs,

I can restore the original one, if you’d like. (Possibly - depending on how long it has been since it was released.)


To answer your question it is $10, See this document for details How to Change Your Phone Number Through Your Account Portal – Republic Help,

However due to the results you have had so far you may want to Open a Ticket and see what Republic can work out for you

That would be awesome. It was only a few days ago. It started with 727-260…

I’ll be in touch with by support ticket in just a moment or two. Please watch your E-mail.


I feel your pain. I moved into a new city once, and was given a landline number previously used by a woman who advertised in such places as “Love Magazine.” I received calls from men at all hours who, upon learning I wasn’t Verna, asked my name, and asked if I wanted to go out and have fun. The most perplexing call was from a Boy Scout leader, who said Verna was a regular contributor of recipes to their annual calendar. Did I have any recipes I could contribute, he asked. He called back with Verna’s new number, so I could pass on the new number to all her callers. The phone company refused to change my number, unless I paid an exorbitant fee. So, when I finally moved and had my number changed as part of that process, I spoke with a manager at the phone company and told them not to pass on the number for at least a year. Three months later, I called my old number, and it was already in service. Phone companies, including Republic, need to do a better job with the numbers they hand out.

It’s just not possible for phone companies to keep numbers out of service that long. We’re literally running out of phone numbers in the US. There is essentially no such thing as a new phone number unless a new area code is created. Carriers have to recycle numbers quickly or risk having no numbers available.

It IS funny thing though…my old home phone landline number, we disconnected 4yrs ago now, at least, a 952 are code number my mother had for nearly 30yrs, as of today, and the few times a year i try it,…is still disconnected, never been re-assigned.

My Grandparets, had to change home phone numbers back when they moved in 2005, their number, they had for over 50yrs, a 612 number, has yet to be reassigned.

Don’t know exactly what criteria is involved with number re-assignment…or if it is different for landline/vs mobile…

I have changed my mobile number only 2 over the years, due to bill collector harassment calls. Those old numbers were recycled pretty quickly, a few months at the most. (Was on VZW at that time)

There is variance depending upon the carrier that owns the number and location. Overall availability of phone numbers is more constrained in some locations than others. Additionally, it’s not unusual for incumbent landline carriers (RBOCs or Regional Bell Operating Companies) to have more numbers in their pools. In part, it’s because they are incumbents and in part, it’s the declining popularity of landlines.

Generally, in my experience, numbers are aged for 90 days then placed back in the carrier’s pool. Depending on the size of the particular pool, it may take longer than that for a number to be reassigned. Still, short of the opening up of new area codes and exchanges (which is a regulatory and, therefore, not necessarily efficient process), there is no such thing as a never before used telephone number.

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