How much tracking of my Moto G can be eliminated?


How much of the software that tracks everything I do, can be eliminated from my Moto G5? Even better is there any brand of Cell phone that doesn’t track eveything you do. On the Moto G5 you can’t even remove the voice command feature. I have started using programs from instead of the play store like Tinhat instead of Facebook. Does privacy not exist in the smart phone world?


No privacy does not exist in the smartphone world. When you use an Android phone you agree to cede it to Google. When you use an iPhone you agree to cede it to Apple.

You can do some things to somewhat protect it from other 3rd parties such as using Apps carefully and using anonymous browsing. F-Droid is a great place instead of the play store but is very limited.

If you want more privacy than that a flip phone on a pre-paid carrier is likely you’re only choice.

Finally on the G5, you can disable the Google App, which thereby disables the “OK Google” feature. Have you tried that?


The ok google, keeps coming back to life like a bad zombie.


You can reduce tracking and a lot of data collection, with some effort. But, it takes quite a bit of effort. A VPN account helps, too. You can reduce, but not eliminate, what Google collects by carefully going through the account and privacy settings. You can also disable OK Google. You can disable or block various Android modules with the No-Root Firewall app. But, that is not for the uninitiated, and blocking/disabling some Android modules can have a adverse affect on how your phone functions.

Unless and until someone comes out with less intrusive cell phone OS, Google and Apple got you by the, uh… avocados.