How or what do I click to start a transfer request?


I can not seem to get past the tutorials



Hi @barbarsv.9joirc

I think it would be helpful to know if you are trying to port (transfer) into RW or out of RW, and at what point in the tutorial are you encountering difficulty?.


Number Transfers


Number Transfers this is the documentation dealing with transfer request to port a number into Republic

go to your account portal Phones | Republic Wireless

tap the I want to Bright Green bar

Click transfer my number

there it will check to see in Republic can take the number (legally they need a to be in the same rate center as the number this will check this )

if number is transferable then you would fill out the it’s current provider, account number and PIN/password…

then you will need to enter the billing address on file with the current provider (there a check box if same as Republic billing address


Hi @barbarsv.9joirc,

You’ll want to start when signed into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless.

  1. Click the green “I Want To…” bar.
  2. Click Transfer My Number.
  3. Follow the presented prompts.

The above presumes you wish to initiate a number transfer from another service provider. If the question is regarding moving a number from one Republic phone to another, please let us know.


Good morning BV,

Are you bring a number to RW or wanting to transfer to another provider?

If bringing to RW do you have a currently activated phone on RW? You must have an activated phone.

If so you just need to sign into your account via the website or the phone app and there will be an option to transfer your #.

If taking to another provider you need to contact them.