How plans work


Maybe I’m misunderstanding now Republic Plans work. I was recently traveling, so I’ve probably used more cell data than I ordinarily do. So when I couldn’t make calls out or send texts, and it appeared from my Republic phone App that I was out of cell data, I switched plans from the 2G to the 4G. Thought that would be the end of it. But then I noticed as soon as I did this, that the App, which previously had shown no cell data available, as soon as I update now shows only 1.3G cell data used. : ( Would rather not pay for 2G and only get to use 1.3. What happens now that I’ve paid for 4G?

how much of that do you get to actually use ?


calls and text should work even when you run out of data

Calls uses the Voice channel and data is only used to set up the route for outbound calling (backup with somewhat inaccurate touch-tone if data channel is missing)

Text do use the data channel but are are not count against your data tier and will still have access when you run out of data (text will be sent or received delayed to when a data channel is active when there no data channel)

you start you where traveling could you have been Roaming (there no user data while Roaming)

do you have Roaming data turn on in the android setting if not you may have lost calling to new numbers and texting while roaming ( it best to leave the Mobile and roaming data on in the Android setting and if you need to turn off data to do so via the Republic app)