How secure phone using VPN?


is it possible to download a VPN on my phone for added security when using WIFI ? If I can any VPN recommendations?


hI @johng.bnw81p
A VPN will work although I don’t use one or can recommend one either… I can give you a known Fact. The VPN will cause a lag in phone operations & conversations. If you do get a VPN Pay for it. The free ones are trash usually.


if you have a Google Pixel or a Google Nexus phone you can turn on WiFi Assistant.

It automatically connects you to open WiFi using a VPN.


There are many VPN apps that you can use. What you want to use depends on what service you want.

In a basic sense, every app provides the same function where your data is secured and run though the VPN server protecting it from others while on the way. This helps protect your data for example while it passes though the wifi network.

I use the service Private Internet Access which has a good value for privacy.
Another option I have heard of is Tunnelbear while Nord was having some sales recently.

Some routers such as the Netgear Nighthawk have a VPN built in so you don’t need to purchase a separate service.

Shop around based on what you need.


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