How should i drop a new number and transfer my RW number to the new RW phone?



I’m still on a Republic Refund plan and have been a little nervous about getting a new phone and switching plans, but it’s a change that’s been needing to happen. I just received my new phone from RW, and I set it up with a new RW number so I’d have a chance to test it out before officially making the jump and moving my number and plan to the phone. I do want to keep my existing number though, and get rid of the new line.

When I’m ready to ditch the new number, how should I do it? Should I cancel service through the RW app and start over using my own number this time? Or should I request a number transfer through Republic?

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Support can swap the numbers and deactivate the old phone via a help ticket Tickets | Republic Wireless

or for self help you can just deactivate the new phone in your account portal and then reactivate it as a line replacement (the SIM in the new phone is still good for 20 days after deactivation) How to cancel service or line of service and Activate | Republic Wireless


Support likely won’t do this for you, they’ll recommend that you do exactly what DRM recommended, and you’ll just have waited to be told to do it yourself.

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Sign in to the account that has the NEW phone on it at
  2. Under the NEW phone select “I Want to” and then “Cancel”
  3. Follow the steps indicating that you don’t want to keep the NEW number
  4. After this completes the new phone will be deactivated
  5. Open the Republic App on the new phone and be sure to sign-in to the account that has the OLD phone on it (as shown at
  6. Once you’ve done that the option to “move” the number to the new phone will be presented. Select it.
  7. Once done, the new phone will have your old number and your old phone will be deactivated.
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Deactivating the new number seemed easiest, but I wanted to double check before I messed with it. Thank you both for the information.

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