How soon will experts get to my open ticket?

I have an open ticket that I have waited all day for the experts to email me back on and wish to know the time frame for a call back. My ticket number is 1115437

ping @seanr

Hi @patq.y03sgp ,

Our Experts work on a free-lance basis so they set their own hours. With that understanding, please know that many of them answer tickets for far more hours every day than full-time employees do. They are also usually quite prompt, and when we review their work, we are, without fail, amazed.

I’ve reviewed your ticket and would like to clarify that it was never sent to our Experts. It was handled internally from the start. You have a reply pending as of 8:44pm ET, with an personalized invitation to call in at your convenience. If you did not receive that reply, you may access it by signing in here: .

Please let me know if there is anything further I can do for you.

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