How to attach files in Republic Anywhere: moto g power, Android Ver 10

What phone do you have?

talk and text plan, no data unless WiFi.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Moto g Power, Android V 10, updated Republc Anywhere (latest ver). Can I send file attachments in this system, and if so, how is that done with this setup? Thx…Dave

Hi @dennysmith

What app are you using to create the file? Does that app have a “Share” icon? If so, use that and then select Anywhere. Depending on the file size, you may only be able to share a link to the file.

Thx. Just a .pdf.

How did the .pdf file get on your phone? Was it an attachment from an email? If so, you can forward the email and include the attachment.

If you got it using the Chrome browser and downloaded it to your phone, look for an app called Files. Open that and see if the .pdf file is listed as a download.

Thx. I have the .pdf on my computer. The question is whether I can attach it to a .txt on RepAny? I know I can email it, but .txt
is the method they use. If not, no biggie. Thx for your help.

In the Anywhere window on your computer there is a line where you enter the text you want to send. To the left of that is a circle with a " + ". Click that to attach the file.


Hi @dennysmith,

I don’t believe it’s possible to attach a PDF file to a text message using Anywhere. I just tried unsuccessfully on my Mac and received a message only image files may be attached. PDFs are also not among the supported file types listed here:


Thanks. The “+” sign just gives me an emoji list, but nothing to attach a file. I’ll keep trying. Thanks again.

As @rolandh discovered, it is possible to attach a picture file using Anywhere on a computer but not a .pdf…

I’m sorry we don’t have a better answer. Could you send it as an attachment to an email?

Thx. Yea, I can send via email, but texting is what they do. No worries.

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