How to automatically dial conference phone number and meeting ID at the same time?

Wasn’t quite sure how to phrase the title, hopefully this explains more.

At my job I have TONS of phone meetings. Every meeting, I dial the conference phone number, and then have to put in a nine-digit meeting ID to log into my specific meeting “room”. Our IT department recently gave us a shortcut for mobile users - put in the number, a bunch of commas for “pauses”, and then the meeting ID (i.e. (xxx)-xxx-xxxx , , , xxx-xxx-xxx), so that all mobile users have to do is select it, and the conference number and meeting ID are inputted automatically (VERY convenient if you’re driving).

This has worked for a bunch of my coworkers, but if I try it, Republic says “Dialed number not allowed.” and will not even attempt the call. I also tried to save the number/ID to my contacts, where there is even something that lets you put “Pauses” into the number (which inserts commas), but I still get the same message.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or how to get my phone to actually recognize the pauses and dial them as it appears I’m able to do. This has happened with two phones, Moto G4 Plus and now Google Pixel 3a so I don’t think it’s the phones. Help?

Hi @ediea.akp6g1,

You’re not doing anything wrong. I’m afraid Republic’s service doesn’t support the pauses and waits required to automate the process.

Shoot, obviously my searching before posting did not unearth that article. I wonder why we’re allowed to put “pauses” in our numbers if we can’t actually use them… Thank you so much!

Hi @ediea.akp6g1,

All Republic compatible phones are Android smartphones. The Phone app on Android smartphones does support pauses and waits, which is why one is allowed to enter them. In this case, it’s Republic’s service not the phone per se that lacks support for pauses and waits.

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