How to automatically screen calls?

I would like to automatically screen calls. The app on my wifes Moto X gives her the option to screen calls, but I can’t find the same functionality on my Samsung A50.

Question: is their a phone app on the Google app store that will allow one to screen calls?

I found a really nice app called CallHero that from the description does exactlly what i want. Unfortunately, i can’t get it to install correctly. When zi go to test it, it tells me that Republic won’t let me dial the number.

Any recommendations?


Hi @tomc.p6x87c,

The functionality you reference is part of Google’s Phone app, which Motorola uses as the default dialer on its phones. Samsung marches to the beat of its own drum with its own Phone app that lacks the option to screen calls. You can try installing Google’s Phone app on your Galaxy A50:

In my experience, it mostly works but does break visual voicemail.

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I don’t believe that installing the Google Phone App on a Samsung device provides the call screening functionality (at least it doesn’t on my Note 20 or Note 10+). I believe the call screening is available only in the cases where Google enables it and right now that appears to be Moto and Pixel devices only, from what I can tell.

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