How-to block Android 9.0 Pie update? ... Moto G6 Play running Android 8.0

I keep getting a “system update available” pop-up. It’s the update for Android 9.0 Pie. It’s popping-up every 5 minutes at this point. Please stop. The pop-up won’t let me refuse the “update”. How can I block this pop-up and all future Android “updates”? I’m currently using a Moto G6 Play running Android 8.0. Works fine as is!

All these “updates” really do is install software that consumes more battery power and software that has a potential to conflict with working apps. It’s really a form of accelerated planned obsolescence. Every time I’ve installed these “updates” in the past, my phone performed worse, not better. I’ll pass from now on.

I realize this is not what you asked for, but as someone who spent 45 years in the networking industry (not cell phones) and came to Republic with an expensive flip phone plan … change has always been something I look forward too as I learn to adapt and partially understand the portion of the world I live in.

  • Here is a TechRadar comparison of 8.0 to 9.0 that you may want to review
  • Republic does not control the release of an OS update, nor the security updates the manufacturers continue to push in an effort to protect us
    • Perhaps another user can help you opt out
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The phone will…eventually…install the update and reboot on its own.
The user can only delay such updates for so long or so many times.
My Grandparent’s phones have done that, despite them always pressing Not Now or whatever to that pop up message, as they have no idea what it means or does.
There is no way to disable the update ability and notification, that I know of (without root modifications)

I can understand your viewpoint and frustration in this matter.
However, it is a very rare thing these days that someone complains about getting updates while the consumer base as a whole, are demanding more frequent updates from the manufactures to fix bugs and the biggest thing, to patch security/privacy issues.
I own a Pixel phone and get an update every month.

However, while things may be a bit worse performance wise immediately after an update, things most always improve after a bit if time once the phone software has time to re-optimize it self.

Another point, at least in the case of some Moto phone models, if you get to far out of date on the software build on the phone, u may have issues with RW service. Experienced this with my mothers Moto E4.

Indeed, it is common industry advice to update software, to fix software… and download all that user data. It’s always broke, isn’t it? When was the last time a Dentist was was allowed to weasel out of a failed root canal so easily? Or a plumber who really didn’t fix that leaky pipe? LOL, never. The software industry seems to enjoy special privileges that no other industry enjoys, especially Goggle. Because Goggle has a monopoly on non-iphone phone’s operating systems. What the industry never tells consumers is: these software updates, in fact, consume more hardware resources. In the case of phones, that’s more battery power and battery longevity. I’ll opt for longer charges and charge/discharge cycles.

I could go on, but let’s not feed the paid per post trolls. I’d like to turn this particular “update” off. I’ll gladly update next year, when I can no longer hold out for the above cited reasons. In the meantime, I’d like to have a year without pop-ups that won’t go away. What am I paying for again?

Let’s stay on subject… Anyone know how to do this?

Hi @Ftelemarketers,

I don’t have a pending update, so I can’t test this, but for most notifications, if you’ll pull down to view the notification shade, then long-press (touch and hold) the notification of interest, you’ll see some options as well as which app is responsible for the notification. For example, I’m looking at a Gmail notification where I see:
Show notifications silently
Block all notifications
Don’t silence or block
and More Settings
If you tap More Settings, you’ll be taken to the notifications settings menu for that app. Once you know which app is responsible for the update, you may be able to not only block the notification, but also disable that app.

I think it use to be Motorola Update Services that was responsible, and I can find that on my current phones in Settings > Apps, on the All apps tab, only after tapping the three-dot menu :dots: and tapping “Show System”.

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Based on the info the @Southpaw provided and the fact that I am already on Pie 9.0, I learned the following:

  • It still appears to be Motorola Services (found using the Search function in Android Settings)
  • Tap of Notifications shows the following: (Screenshot taken with a 3 finger press)
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