How to Block Robocalls/Spam Calls Using the Republic Wireless App

The item in the RW App does not seem to perform any reasonable blocking of Robocalls/Spam. What is everyone doing to combat this? More importantly, what is the company doing to make that “feature” work?

Republic partners with a national company that provides a data based blocking algorithm.
Here is a note in the reference you provided that addresses your concern

  • Note: It is possible that this feature will not prevent all spam calls from reaching your phone. Blocking spam callers is a tricky effort, as spam callers are constantly changing numbers, and spoofing legitimate phone numbers. For this feature, Republic Wireless is using a proprietary method of determining and blocking only the calls that are most likely to be spam, while maintaining a goal of not blocking any non-spam calls.
  • To block specific numbers from your Phone app, please see How to Block Calls on Phones with Android Nougat 7.0 or Higher
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