How to Calculate Calling Minutes

This is for those that want to compare Pre-Paid service based on minute usage with their Republic Wireless service.

This can be done on either on your phone through your Republic Wireless app or the website. Instructions are specific for the website.

Go to:

Account up in the right corner

Manage Phone

Manage Phone


Green Bar - I Want To - (badly drawn red arrow)


At the bottom go to Calls and Messages (see badly drawn arrow)


At the top you can choose which month to view (see yet again another badly drawn arrow)


Next to the calls there you’ll see the length of time on each call made or received. (badly drawn red circle)

Text messages, depending on the carrier count as either 1/2 of a minute each or 1 whole minute each. Keep in mind this is only a guesstimate of usage time.

You will need to add up the time to get an approximate minutes usage figure. For those that don’t know how to make a time oriented spread sheet. Or just don’t have a spread sheet program/app. This time calculator will help with this tricky addition:

Add Time Calculator


Would be nice if R.W would also just give a total minutes used and total texts sent/received per billing cycle for quick and easy referance…like all others do. Most don’t fancy having to manually find then do the math.

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