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If i accidentally call somebody how do i stop the call before the party picks up.if i call from the keypad page there is a red phone icon that will hang up the call. but if i accidentally call from recent calls there is no hangup icon, so how can the call be the admins. i posted this in discussions but i dont know how to access i’m trying it hear.

I have a slightly different solution to this issue. I don’t like using the stock dialer for this exact issue. So I use

ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play

I am sure there are other dialers available out there…but I find this one very simply and intuitive.

This dialer does not auto-dial and but makes you confirm that you want a dial a given number even if you accidentally tap on it.

Your other discussion is here

miss dials

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If you prefer using the stock dialer…you might be able to set

Settings -> Accessibility -> Enable “Power button ends call”

and that might achieve the hangup before the call goes through.

A call confirm app can be used to prevent false dials they put a pop-up window asking if you really want to dial the number [like how most feature phones did]

Hi @amitl,

Did you give it a try? Trying from my X2 on Wi-Fi to another RW phone on Wi-Fi, it ends the call for the phone that placed the call, but the call continues for the receiving phone. That may actually be a worse situation since the dialing phone can not respond or disconnect in any way.

I thought originator hangup always terminated calls. Will test this out tonight and report back what I find. Maybe because of the fixed number of rings from RW, it might still continue to ring until disconnected…but it should give a busy tone if they do try to pickup. In all honesty, once such a call is placed…whether you hangup before they pick up or not…they are going to find who called them on the caller ID. So there is no getting around the fact that you have accidentally dialed a person and they will know who called them. The only way to definitively stay away from this issue is to use a 3rd party dialer such as the one that I suggested…that makes a clear distinction between reviewing a contact and calling them.

…but it should give a busy tone if they do try to pickup.

When I answered the call on the receiving phone, I was in call, to silence. The caller ID did display the calling phone’s number.

i use tru dialer instead of the stock phone app.because it blocks spam…i went to setting and set the phone to cancel a call if i power off.i havent used it yet.

i tried for a couple days an app that gives a a option to make or cancel the call. but when i tapped make the call it would just ask again. i trashed it and don’t remember the name.thanks

i did tap browse and find my posts, but i’ll never remember that. what i do is login and ttap the gold bell where all my posts are listed.

when i start a thread i’m asked where to post and i check moto e 2nd gen, and general questions. i don’t know where to find it. i did it right once, i’ll try again next time…thank you.

i’m replying to the wrong person.oh well i’ll try another dialer app.if someone thinks i called they will try to return my call, a mess…

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