How to cancel account holder's line but keep the other line and make that one the account holder?

I am the account holder for our Republic account which has 2 lines, mine and my wife’s. My wife is going to stay on Republic, but I am going to experiment with another phone, and so need to cancel my line. Is there a way to transfer the account ownership to her line and email address or does she need to create a new account? I hope that makes sense, thanks!

See here for details on how to change the email address on the account

As such there is no primary or account holder line. Porting your number out will have no impact on other lines in the account.

I tried updating the email address in “Account Settings” but it does not keep the updated email (her email), it keeps reverting back to the current email (my email).

The reason I ask is because in our “Phones” on our account page, my phone/number has more options available under the “I want to…” drop down. If my phone is gone, with that administrative stuff go to my wife’s phone number/email address so she can manage all the parts of the account?

Thank you for your help, sorry if this is dumb and I’m overthinking it.

Is she an assigned user on her phone… maybe what you might need to do is first unassign her…and then change email address on the account.

The point I was making was that…only thing uniquely identifying your account is your RW email and password…all the phone lines within that account are co-equal… when accessed from those login credentials.

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The simplest thing is for you to keep the account as is…and just port out your phone. You will still be able to login with your email address and password to manage your wife’s phone through your account.

If you do want your wife to take over the account management, including payment etc…then one way was to change email address. But if there is an existing RW account with her email address…then you can use the steps here to move her line to that account.

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