How to cast a screen from Android to Amazon fire

I know this isn’t the best forum for this question, but please help. I have a Moto G7 (RW version) and I want to screencast an app to my TV. There are free things which allow me to do video, pictures and audio, but I want to see an app from across the room. Everything I’ve found that claims to do this wants a $12/mo subscription fee.

Is there a way to do this? Is there some free software that does this?

Should I buy a ChromeCast? Or will I still need the subscription software to see my app?

Hi @ravenrgg

I helped a neighbor with this a while ago. They had an Amazon Fire stick and they had Amazon Prime which gives them access to Amazon’s content.

I was able to get this working for them using the Amazon Fire app. Here is a link to the app:

If you do not have Amazon Prime, I bet that is why you are seeing offers for $12.99 per month.

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Thanks for your reply.

This app allows me to control the Fire from my Android device. This isn’t what I want. I want to mirror the screen on my TV for all apps. I don’t want to stream content from my phone.

Hi @ravenrgg,

Here is a search from the Play Store for “Screen Mirroring”. Please take a look at some of these apps and see if they do what you want:

Maybe this will help if you haven’t figured it out yet. You can open the app drawer on your phone, then open Device Help which also has a ? above it by tapping on it, then tap on Learn to open. You can put your question you want to know about.
When asking about casting you will get answers like the one here.


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Thank you for your input. I’ve visited this setting many times. Neither the TV or the Amazon Fire show up here.
@SuperT My devices show up in some of these apps. None of these apps support screen mirroring for anything other than media - video, audio, browser, pictures. I want to cast a non-media app. Several of them claim to do this if you pay them extra. Here is a screen capture of the offer. Since it’s the same offer on several apps, It’s probably the same app licensed by different vendors. Also, if you click on it, you find that the “Lifetime” offer is an annual subscription.

Has anyone used a Chromecast dongle to mirror non-media apps?

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ravenrgg - If your android phone is a motorola, then just forget about casting your phone screen to your Amazon tablet. That’s also true in terms of casting it to a TV. That’s true even if your TV is a smart TV with a ‘screen cast’ application built in. Going by the fact that the apps in the Google play store that claim to cast screens don’t work with Motorola’s, in my experience, I think it’s more correct to say that Motorla probably disabled this feature on their phones. Don’t ask why, it has no reasoning to it that I’ve heard.

I have a Chromecast dongle. Had not used it for a while, but hooked it up. It cast whatever is on my phone screen. In this case the Moto G7 Play

My TV, while casting to the Chromecast with phone held sideways

Hope this helps.

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Grandbobby, thank you for your input. Would you try a different app? Browsers, video, audio and photo apps work. Can you try something else, like calculator or your home screen? You don’t need to post an image, just let me know if it works.

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Yes. Whatever is on my phone screen is also on the TV screen including the home screen and calculator.


Quite literally all the time.

But you said Amazon Fire TV. That’s not a Chromecast device. Motorola devices will only cast using the Chromecast protocol, FireTV on the other hand is a Miracast device.

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Thank you for your reply. I went to the Amazon page and looked at the reviews for Chromecast. Some said you could use Chromecast for this, some said you couldn’t. So I ordered one and it works great! No issues at all.

I’ll go ahead and close this thread. Thanks to all for your input.


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