How to Change Client ID Seen by Router

For a Moto E5 Play, how do I change the client ID (device name) as seen by my router? Note that his is NOT the bluetooth name. The bluetooth name is correct (moto e5 play) while the ID provided to my router is unknown. Thanks.

From this thread it appears the Moto E5 does not have a Device Name. What problem are you encountering by not knowing it?

Thanks for the quick reply.

It appears I will have to live with it. The issue interferes with monitoring of allowed DHCP clients, but does not impact operation of the phone.

Most routers allow you to change the local reference name or set a custom name of any connected device via its Device list or DHCP Reservation table…so it would show that instead of the devices raw hostname.


What are you using for a router, someone can probably offer some help if needed?

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My router is a TP-LINK Model No. TL-WR841N. I don’t believe it allows client name changes.

I concur, it actually states in their manual that you can’t change any values in the DHCP Client list.

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    It appears this may be early 802.11n device, you may want to enable WMM if you haven’t already (default is off), else you may not get the speed you expect. (not sure if TP-Link had the problem, but quite a few vendors experienced the problem)
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