How to change default weather location

moto g 3rd. lollipop, i can’t find how to get it to use my home location for weather. its using the default service. also. it will lock at home even though i have security set to remain unlocked at home location. i know there is a weather station avail locally because weather . com has this location. thanks in advance,

To better help you, tell us which weather app you are using on your phone.

a good question, i hardly can stumble my way with the phone, i never installed a weather app, so i assume its whatever was on it when i got it. thanks

Base on this my guess it’s Google search giving this information, make sure location is on, also run a search with your correct zip code


The location setting is located in the phone menu under “location.” I would set it to high accuracy.

There are also several weather apps available. Weather Underground may be of interest since there is a network of amateur meteorologists monitoring local weather. Weather Underground - Android Apps on Google Play

I use AccuWeather on my home computer because I like their minutecast and radar to help me get in a walk without getting too wet.

thanks… it was at hi accuracy but the WU app has MY location so thats good. thanks all

Just make sure you prevent the app from consuming cellular data when you don’t want it to in the Republic app by toggling it off. These kinds of apps use data in the background to keep your weather information up-to-date. So they will consume cellular data even if you are not actively looking at it.

WiFi data is OK.

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