How to change user: old MOTO G4plus away. Dropped in water, but it survived (?) now there's Invalid SIM error

I offered to give my old phone (I had dropped in the toilet a year or so ago) to a friend.
After buying a new phone, the old one seemed to function again, but I no longer needed it, so I just put it on the shelf.
Then the friend needed a phone, so I offered the one on the shelf.
I thought I should tidy up the old one first to prepare to change users.
I forgot my gmail password, so I thought I’d just Activate for the new user. I got an error:
Invalid SIM.
Where to start? I am trying to do a favor for a friend in need, but now I am thinking of tossing the phone in the trash…
(Not really. Kidding.)
I am thinking that perhaps the SIM was damaged in the water even though the phone ‘seems’ functional.
Can I buy a new SIM?
I have always purchased a new phone, I never swaps users before.

Hi @CANIPLAYTOO and welcome to the Member Community. I assume you purchased a replacement phone from RW and you activated the new phone with the SIM that came installed. This would have deactivated the Moto G4 Plus you are trying to activate now. If so, see if this helps –

You can purchase a GSM SIM from the RW online store or from Amazon.

Please come back with more details if I have misunderstood the scenario.


Thanks! For the speed of your reply. I hope the information you sent fixes my problem and I can complete my good deed. LOL

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