How to Change Your Forum Color

Welcome to the Republic Member Community! One of the options available to personalize your community experience is the ability to change the Community color scheme (theme) to the one you like best!

(Tip: If you’re looking for a way to permanently dismiss the welcome banner, it’s as easy as changing your theme. The welcome banner exists only in the default theme.)

Prerequisites: A Community account (if you do not have one, you can easily create one!).

Let’s start!

I. Login to your Community account and click your avatar in the top right (under the “Account” option).


II. Next, click on the little gear icon just below your avatar.


III. After clicking on the gear icon, scroll down and click on the “Interfaces” option in the bottom left of your screen.


IV. Next, you will see a screen with the first option being “Theme”. This is where you can change your theme!


V. Click on the drop-down menu under “Theme” and select a different theme to try. There are multiple themes so make sure to try a few different ones! My current theme is “Discourse Light”.


VI. Once you have selected a theme, don’t forget to hit the “Save Changes” button for your changes to take effect.


Here are the other options:

  1. RW Green:

  1. RW Blue:

  1. RW Nighttime:

  1. RW Red:

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