How to Confirm the Credit Card on Your Account - does it work?

I am the owner for the account and tried to find the credit card using the steps below.
I do not see the Credit card used in the Invoice, I can see the invoice number. What am I missing here ?
I had a chat with someone and I was given the same info. Did someone try to see if this answer is still true ?

  1. Sign in to My Account
    Note: Only account owners have access to order, payment and return information
  2. Click the Orders_Payments_Returns.png Orders, Payments & Returns icon on the left-hand side of your screen
  3. Click on your most recent invoice with the Recurring.png symbol
  4. Click the Printer.png Printer icon
  5. A new browser window will open up and the credit card used will be displayed on the lower right corner

Hi @santhoshk,

When I follow the steps in the Help article you linked, I see a significant number of the digits of my credit card in the lower right corner of the invoice.

Are you clicking the printer icon? The credit card number is available only on the print version of the invoice.

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Here is the snapshots of what I see. I am on the Annual payment plan and so I thought maybe because of $0.00 it is not showing the credit card for April.
So I went back to Feb 2019 payment and still do not see it.


I believe you are right. Since you currently have no payment, there is no payment method associated with that bill, so there is no payment method to show on the invoice.

The only way you would be able to confirm the payment method in this situation is with staff assistance. I’ll update I have updated that Help Article and will remind our engineers that a way to view the current payment method is needed for members who have a zero-balance invoice.

Thanks Southpaw. As always, you are the one that is knowledgeable, so far that I dealt with.
Yes, I understand currently have no payment, but then why is the CC not reflecting in the old invoices from an year ago. Are these old invoices also generated each time for each request, seems like it. I thought these older invoices are something that is pulled from the history or archives.
Per Financials compliance, aren’t you required to retain the historical invoices ?

Why is the CC a requirement for chat ? Is this new ? I never had to give out the CC for any chat.
I was asked to enter the CC before the chat,and Natascha asked me for the CC # again while chatting. I told I had it on annual payment, so I am not able to exactly recall if I used my same CC. But if I look at update payment, it does not show any information, other than option to update.
Also I had a situation within the last year, a couple of CC had to be cancelled and reissued, so I tried both the new CC #s and both were not correct, and since my old CC were destroyed, I was not able to provide the old CC. Why can’t you have at least the last 4 digits show up in the account profile for payment ?

Once I updated with a CC, Natascha was able to confirm myself for security. Isn’t that a loop hole in your system, I can update with a CC #, chat person confirms and then I can change it again ?
Sorry, for all these questions. I am writing all these, only because, I believe you are the only one that understands the process.

We recently transitioned our billing system to a new platform, and there were changes to how we present the information in the invoices when we did so, but those changes are not retroactive to invoicing from the previous platform.

I am not able to chase this down with our legal and financial teams due to my current workload, but I think for the purposes of what you’re asking, the invoices are historically complete. We have not altered them since they were originally generated.

Federal regulations require us to confirm we are working with the account owner before we can take action on an account or provide any account information. Verifying the last four digits of the payment method on the account is a way to confirm account ownership.

Federal regulations for the telecom industry are more stringent than many other industries.

Agents will do that if the number entered prior to starting the chat does not match what is stored on the account. They are giving you a second chance to validate the number. The only other option would be to refuse to provide any account information or take any account action because the information provided when the chat was opened does not confirm account ownership.

This is an engineering and development request that is pending. Perhaps we’ll have it completed before you need to chat again!

I’m not understanding why being able to change it and change it back would be a loophole. If you can log in with the account owner’s account credentials to change it, you are verified as the account owner, and that’s what the chat team needs - evidence of account ownership. They don’t need a specific credit card number to remain on the account after the chat ends.

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Thanks Southpaw for your time and explanation.
Have a good day.

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