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I want to delete my Google account from my Moto E2 running Android 5.1. I verifed that my PRL, Profile and Motorola software are up to date. Sync is turned off. I followed the directions posted at

I used to be able to delete the Google account this way but cannot now, because the only option available when I touch the 3-dot icon is “sync now.”

Solution please?


do you just see the Google account when you tap the 3 dot icon :dots:?
if so you may be one level to high tap the account and you should see alll the apps that google has here each with sync options , is where you tap the 3 dot icon :dots:

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Hmmm. What I’ll write here doesn’t exactly answer your question, but maybe it will help.

I just removed an account on a Project Fi phone (running Android 8.1, but the answer above from Adrian is the method I used). Somehow, when I opened the Gmail app, my phone showed email from two Gmail accounts when I chose “All inboxes” from the menu… I wanted to remove one of the accounts so I could use that account with my new RW phone.

Before I went to Settings > Users & accounts > Accounts for (my name), the Fi agent asked how I knew that I had two accounts on the phone (and that I wanted to remove one). He pointed out I might have other accounts stored in an app like YouTube and, from that, think that I had another account on the phone. I also said that the other account’s contacts were appearing in my Contacts list. So we went on.

The Fi agent told me this Settings > Users & accounts > Accounts for (my name) is the only place that accounts stored in the phone itself are listed explicitly. We went there and, sure enough, both accounts were shown. I did as Adrian said (in the link from the previous post here), and the second account disappeared, leaving only one account in the list. So my guess is that, if you have no accounts shown in that list, you don’t have any accounts stored in your phone.

FWIW. Sorry for the guesses. Good luck.


When I select Settings > Accounts, there is a dark banner with a left arrow, “Accounts”, a search icon, and a 3-dot icon. Listed below the banner are Google, Republic Wireless, and the option to add an account.

Next I select Google. The dark banner at the top is the same except “Google” is now shown instead of “Accounts.” Below that my account name is listed and 3 other options.

Next I select the 3-dot icon. A white box opens on the right side of the dark banner with only the “Sync now” option shown. All else is unchanged. I still see “Google” listed in the dark banner and my account name below.

I don’t see any other Google apps.


Could it be that Google wants the phone to be sync’d before it will give the option to Remove the account? One last chance to data mine my phone before they get booted off?


Problem solved! drm186, you nailed it. I needed to select the account name which displays the list of items that can be sync’d. Then I select the 3-dot icon, which lists the “Remove account” option as well as “Sync now.”

I will add this step to my list of instructions because I seem to forget each time. I stumble around like a drunk squirrel looking for acorns. Thank you.


Thanks for your help. The solution is also embedded in your comments, but it was a little harder to dig it out. I didn’t get it initially from the original instructions or from DRM’s comments. I needed to play with it a little bit before I got it.
Another case of a blind squirrel finding an acorn.

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