How to detect which cellular provider I'm on?

A couple of years ago, I joined Project Fi. There were numerous problems at the time, mainly related to cell tower hand-off.

There was/is an app on the Play Store called FiSwitch, which would give you a notification to show which network you were currently on, and initiate the dialer switch between networks (or would do it automatically, if your phone was rooted).

Is there anything similar for RW that will give a full presentation of ephemeral connection data? I have read through the forums and confusion seems to abound in terms of who is on what network, some phones maintaining an affinity for one network, but others either jump dynamically or have a different affinity, I’ve read that AT&T is a provider but others saying no, it’s Sprint/T-Mobile; are our numbers VOIP or not; and other sort of uncertainty.

The reason I ask is because I am in a rural region that had a malconfigured T-Mobile tower that served T-Mobile (and consequently, Project Fi) users. LTE canopy was very dense, but I would miss calls when connected to that tower, and only that tower, as the handoff from LTE to EDGE for voice calls did not work (the Fi phones did not support VoLTE).

That is why I’d like to figure out which towers I’m on at home - I tested before moving to RW, and I do get calls successfully whether on WiFi or cellular. If my phone’s on T-Mobile, this means that finally, T-Mobile fixed their equipment. If I’m on AT&T, that’s a good data point to keep in mind for future reference as well.

Ultimately it would be nice to see some sort of a capabilities table by device or region. I certainly wouldn’t want to buy a phone from RW that is locked to a network that is inoperable in my area. Perhaps such a table already exists? Granted, 99% of users may never need to look at it, but for sake of transparency, and edge cases such as mine, it would be very helpful.

I personally use this app to find out which tower I’m connect to:

When you’re using WiFi for calling then you’re on Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is one feature that I particularly enjoy about RW’s service. When cell service is spotty or just not there at home, I can still make quality calls over WiFi.

I am impressed by RW’s handover capabilities. Call will handover to cell from WiFi or from WiFi to cell on it’s own or when commanded to do so.

RW uses two different cell networks, depending on customers location they will either get a CDMA SIM card or a GSM SIM card with the phone purchased from RW (depending also on location zip code and model you choose). Should service not be satisfactory you can contact RW Help and they will work with to fix the issue. You can use the above app to identify the tower the phone is using. Both carriers have roaming partners, and there are a lot of independent towers out and about the country.

I’ve also used this app too:


you should be able to check which network your Nexus 6p is on by tring to get to a SprintDM menu just dial *#*#786#*#* and if you get the Sprint menu your have a CDMA SIM using the Sprint network else you have a GSM SIM on the T-Mobile Network

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@Auslander Just to clear up any confusion, Republic’s phones do not switch between networks. Your phone is assigned to either one or the other.


Super helpful - thank you!

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Glad to be of assistance!

Republic does not partner with AT&T

Does this help? Detailed Supported Phone Features

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Yes, thanks!

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