How to determine if Model # of MotoX4 is compatible with Republic Wireless

Ho to determine if Model # of MotoX4 is compatible with Republic Wireless

Hi @deborahg.wbdtx9 and welcome to the community forum.
Here is an excerpt from an article written by another community member (this how Republic refers to its users/customers … kinda like were all in one big family, which I like :slight_smile:

Moto X4
This one is fairly simple. Some retailers use the Model Number, XT1900-1. > When they use this, things are easy, because it matches the Republic documentation. Some other retailers are instead using the MPN (Manufacturer’s Part Number). In this case, the phone will be listed as PA8S0006US, PA8S0007US, PA8S0017US, PA8S0019US, PA8S0021US or PA8S0024US. These are the same phone, and no matter which way it is listed, it will work with Republic.

If you have a link to where you see the phone (if it’s one that for sale), just paste it into your reply and one of us can double check for you.

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Thank you for your reply regarding the MotoX phone. Here is the link from the the Ebay merchant of the phone I am considering purchasing. Will this work with Republic?

Motorola Moto X 4th Gen 32GB Sterling Blue (Unlocked) Smartphone New Open Box 723755012615 | eBay

Hi @deborahg.wbdtx9,

Presuming the eBay seller is accurately representing the phone they’re selling; it would indeed be Republic compatible.

Is the new X4 intended as an upgrade to a current Republic phone? Or, is this your first Republic phone?

Thanks for getting back with me. No I have been with Republic for 5 years and just want to upgrade my phone. I hesitate buying if he doesn’t offer returns. I will reach out to him and confirm his info is correct.

So is XT1900-1 enough info, or do I have to have the correct MPN?

Then all I would need is to purchase a SIM card from RW?

Thank you so much for your help. Debbie

I’ve reviewed the listing. So long as what the seller has listed is accurate, the phone is compatible. I mention that caveat only because not all eBay sellers list that which they’re selling accurately.

You may or may not need a new SIM. For more insight on that, as a starting point, might we know the brand, model and generation of your current Republic phone?

You’re most welcome!

I have two RW phones. One is the MotoX lst generation (not working though, won’t boot up) and a Moto G, older model, about 5 years old

Hi @deborahg.wbdtx9,

Given the age of those phones, a new SIM would be required. As you may know, Republic offers more than one coverage option for its newer compatible phones. To be certain you’re pointed to a SIM with the best coverage for your area and if comfortable sharing, might we know a zip code (nothing more)?

Also, are you aware a new phone would mean a plan change?

So basically, will disclosing the Model XT1900-1 sufficient enough info to determine whether it will work with RW? Will this model work, or do I actually need the longer MPN #? The Ebay sellers are not very responsive and so many do not want to open the box to let me know.

My zip code is 95630
Here is another one I am considering purchasing from Ebay seller. Trying to get more infor from him about MPN
Motorola Moto X4 - 32GB - Super Black (Unlocked) Silver | eBay

Hi @deborahg.wbdtx9,

Based on the listing, the second phone on eBay you’re looking at is also Republic compatible. The caveat of presuming the listing is accurate is going to be the same no matter which eBay listing one looks at. Generally, one judges a specific eBay seller’s accuracy by the feedback they’ve received on previous sales. There is also eBay’s buyer’s protection to fall back on if needed. Even if a seller disclaims returns, eBay would force it if the listing were inaccurate.

You may get a SIM from Republic here: SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here:

Finally, please know, you will not be able to keep the grandfathered plan on your current Republic phone. Newer Republic compatible phones require the My Choice plans described here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless.

Better pic, this is the one I previously sent to you. I am thinking Google Fi and RETUS as the software setting should be exactly what I need. Correct? Again many thanks!!

Hi @deborahg.wbdtx9,

The phone pictured would be Republic compatible.

Hi there, How do I know if a phone is RW compatible? The sellers on Ebay don’t really make any guarantees. Here is a link to one I am considering.
Motorola XT1900-1 Moto X4 32GB Unlocked Smartphone, Black 723755012615 | eBay

Can you provide the exact info I need to check to make sure before purchasing? A lot of the sellers do not want to open up the phones to check the software settings.

While I understand their reluctance, it’s often the only way to be absolutely certain about a specific listing particularly on eBay. The best available reference is in the Community and linked here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

Presuming the seller has accurately listed the phone linked at eBay, it is Republic compatible.

So I am assuming that the MPN # he as used (Pa8S006US) would be enough info to make it compatible with RW? If that’s the case I can always have recourse if they send something else. This one phone is new, so I can understand seller not wanting to open the box. But the MPN # is on the box, I believe.

So if those MPN #'s are one of the ones listed that RW has listed, that is sufficient? Again here is the link:

Motorola XT1900-1 Moto X4 32GB Unlocked Smartphone, Black 723755012615 | eBay

Thank you so much, you have been very helpful. Deborah

Hi @deborahg.wbdtx9,

I’ve been reminded Motorola’s Moto X4 was only manufactured as a U.S. factory unlocked phone. With that, I’m confident the phone linked at eBay is Republic compatible.

And, you’re most welcome!

Okay…so should I confirm with the seller that the MPN # is what he has listed? Or is that even necessary? Sorry, I am so confused with all of this, but your help has been most appreciated. It’s an unlocked phone and it’s new

Hi @deborahg.wbdtx9,

Short of the seller flat out lying in the listing you linked (and I don’t believe they are), the phone is Republic compatible. If it were me, I’d buy with confidence knowing I had eBay’s buyer protection policies to fall back on, if necessary (which I’m confident it won’t be in this case).

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