How to disable "Change Messaging App" notification

Hello everyone, I just switched to Republic Wireless last week. I am a proud owner of the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition 2015 (Amazing Phone!!!) I quickly discovered the “anywhere” messaging app doesn’t work well. So I am using Facebook Messenger for SMS/MMS and I must say it works flawless. BUT the Republic app gives me a nag screen saying “Change Messaging App” and wants me to download “anywhere”. Here is my workaround that keeps that nag screen away:

  1. Root your phone.
  2. From Google Play Store, install the app “NotificationsOff”
  3. After install, grant the app SuperUser access, then find the “Republic” app on the list, and deselect it.
  4. Go into Settings->Apps->Republic Wireless and find the Notifications section, select “Block All” and “Do not show notifications at all”

Hope this helps. I seem to get the nag screen on occasion, I wish Republic would add a disable notifications inside their app. Make things a bit easier.

Facebook Messenger is not a supported carrier texting app and does not support the System API that Republic uses for MMS (group and pictures texts)

Facebook Messenger good for Facebook to Facebook messages (similar how WhatsApp is good for Whatsapp messages

If you do not like the Republic Anywhere App the other supported app is Android Messages

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I’d also point out, one may block notifications from the Republic app in Android settings as one may do with any other app. There’s no need for root. Of course, this disables all notifications from the Republic app not just the unsupported messaging app nag.

On some but not all supported phones, it is indeed possible to disable the nag. On those, the setting is at Republic App -> Gear icon -> Advanced Settings -> Show incompatible messenger.


It really shouldn’t be working flawlessly. You should have cases where the recipient receives messages from the wrong phone number and MMS should be highly unreliable. You may be missing messages without knowing it.


It shouldn’t??? Yet it does. It’s ironic because the “Anywhere” messaging app doesn’t send messages most of the time. When I send messages, most of them say “sending” and the recipients don’t get them. If I send a pic/MMS they NEVER send. Nice supported app hu?

Nope, that doesn’t work. I just tested it, and the nag screen is still there. Perhaps it’s one of the “unsupported phones” you mention. Do you work for Republic? Can I get a technical explanation as why the Moto X Pure has the nag screen and the default “Anywhere App” fails to send messages? thanks

This forum is a customer-to-customer means of communication. Staff may stop in, but that’s not the intended purpose of this forum. Neither Roland nor I are Republic employees.

If you want to work with staff, open a ticket: Tickets | Republic Wireless


I have a X Pure and not a guru. Installed Anywhere app on my X Pure for a while, then deleted, went back to using Textra and don’t recall seeing the nag more than possibly once or twice if ever. Did you go into your phone’s app settings and uninstall Anywhere? Try clearing system cache?

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