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I lost my phone on Friday. I did not know I needed to turn on the locator system. My phone is: Model Moto E, Android version (The next model up from my wife’s phone which is 44.4) My friend told me I needed to disable the phone.

Hi @c10dd1e0-b1a8-4078-a - Sorry to hear that you have lost your phone. Here are three artciles that might help. Lots of links in them for more information.

Google Help Page –■■■■■■■■■■■■904121995■■■■■■■■■■■

Hope this helps!

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Hi @c10dd1e0-b1a8-4078-a,

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@freddyp gave you a lot of reading material, but I wanted to make it clear that there’s really not anything Republic Wireless can do to “disable” the phone. A lot of people contact us asking us to cancel service on a lost phone. All that does is relinquish your number, which we may not later be able to restore, and prevent the phone from calling and texting.

It still leaves the phone functioning on Wi-Fi for things like accessing your photos, E-mail, and any banking apps you may have installed.

If you feel certain you’re not going to find that phone again, you can send a command to factory reset it as described in the second Help Article @freddyp linked. That would clear all your personal content and your accounts from the phone. However, it would also make it less likely someone kind who found the phone would be able identify you and return it to you.

As an extra safety precaution, you may wish to log into any accounts stored on the phone and change your passwords.

Did you know you can keep up with your text messages even while the phone is lost by installing Republic Anywhere on a tablet or computer?


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