How to export Notes from app to PC (Moto X 1st Gen)?

I’ve been using the Notes app on my Moto X 1st Gen for a while now, e.g. for taking notes at speaker events. I’d like to transfer them in some form to my computer for further editing.
In which directory are they saved (a search for “Notes” on the phone files doesn’t bring them up)?
Or is there a trick for exporting?

which note app are you using ?
I have used all three of the major apps and they all have web backup and PC access options
“Google Keep” can can be access here
“Microsoft OneNote” can be dowlaod from the Microsoft window store
“EverNote” also had a PC app download
I have seen some use the note field of the contacts which would be in the web access here
most other not apps have a export which would allow to save on device (phone, USB-OTG thumb drive, computer connected to the phone) or up to the Google Drive


I can’t seem to find a native notes app that was installed on the Moto X 1st gen. Perhaps it’s something you installed from the play store? There are many notes apps available. Some of them have a means to sync with the cloud. Could you point out which one of these notes apps you are using? Here is a list of some of them:


I think it’s this one:

Can’t find an “imprint/about” in the app to confirm exact brand, sorry.

But I did find a way to access the app menu (very hidden), which includes a backup/restore option. The few times that doesn’t crash, it says “Export successful to SD/Notes”.

But I can’t find a folder of that name anywhere on the phone (XT1049)…

How to find it?

Connect the phone to a computer through the USB port. Open a file explorer on the computer. Find your phone device on the left side and click on it. Do a search for the word “notes”. Ideally, you would find the notes folder.

I did, no luck.

I installed this under the note options (tap notes in upper left) scroll down to Menu options, then backup and restore, then backup and send I was able to email myself the backup file, which should be able to restore a new device with this file

I also found a new directory created when I installed the app it’s called notes in the root of the phone drive the custom backup option puts the files here

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I suppose the next thing I would do is contact the app developer:


Visit website

Privacy Policy

410 JEFFERSON ST SE Apt. 1 Olympia, WA 98501

Hm, your installation must be different than mine. I don’t have a notes directory:

And when I tap backup & restore, it tries to make it into a pdf, for which Adobe wants me to buy a subscription.

Thanks, will do.

Google Keep is great for notes and lists. Easy to export or Share them too. I often send my notes and lists to email or to my Google Drive.

here’s my window explore with the folder showing

Thanks. I wish mine showed it!

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