How to Factory Reset Your Phone

With the number of different phones now supported by Republic, and the number of versions of the Android OS these run, there are now very different sets of instructions on how to factory reset your phone. I will attempt to keep track of each of the models here, and the directions for factory resetting.

It is important to note that a Factory Reset will remove ALL user content from your phone. This includes contacts, emails, text messages, etc. If you’re interested in keeping these, you should find a way to back them up. This article provides some ideas: How to Backup Contacts, Photos, Videos, Apps, Music, Messages, or Other Miscellaneous Files – Republic Help

There are two different types of resets.

The first, the internal reset is done from the phone settings and should be the reset you use if you have access to the phone. The external reset can be used even if you’re locked out of your phone or the phone freezes before fully loading. Please NOTE: You must have the correct Google account login information before resetting the device using the external method. Resetting without this information puts you at risk of permanently being locked out of your device.

Here are the directions for the various phone models:

Internal Resets

External Resets


How about ‘soft resets’? With Moto X1 on 2.0 plan, one could hold the power button for several seconds and the phone would basically do a restart. Hesitant to try this with my new Moto X4 on 4.0 plan. Same procedure? Is this even something that should be done, anymore?

Holding down the power button isn’t really a reset, it is the equivalent of pulling the battery on phones that used to allow that. There’s no harm in doing it, but I also don’t know that there’s any benefit beyond a regular shutdown and restart.

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