How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


louisdi - I wasn’t able to find the exact model on BestBuy’s website, since they only have 2 models listed for the S8 (one in each color). But here is their link… Notice the difference in the “1” and the last 2 letters…
Also, here is a picture of the phone and box.

southpaw - I forget sometimes, thank you to all the contributors out there!


The sticker on the back of the phone confirms it is the compatible version. Thanks.

The BAX instead of KAX is the difference between the Blue and Black models.


Excellent, thank you!


Updated what was previously the Moto Z/Z Play info to indicate Motorola continues to do the same boneheaded thing with all generations of the Moto Z.


What about a Moto G 5 Plus from another source than Republic?


You need to get the US Regional Factory Unlocked model
XT-1687 for the Moto G5 Plus
XT-1806 for the Moto G5S Plus



I hope it is that simple.

Do I need a SIM card and how does one go about getting this card.

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order it here


I currently have a Motog from 2012 maybe and I do not think it has a SIM cad to transfer?

What happens?


the Moto G 1st Gen did not have a SIM card as it was a CDMA only phone (no GSM and no LTE)
you will need to get a BYOD SIM from the link @TheDoctor posted ,
note you will have to seleect a new plan for the new phone as all new phones use the My Choice plans
this SIM is GSM based (using Republic GSM partner {T-Mobile}) where the old Moto was CDMA Based (Sprint)
If you find coverage not as good with GSM you can request a CDMA SIM though Support


I have purchased the new plan but was afraid it would not work on the Moto G 1st Gen.

I also need these terms defined for me, please.



BYOD = Bring your own Device (a Phone not purchase from Republic)
CDMA is a cell technology used by one of Republic carrier partners (Sprint) (this is the original carrier partner used for legacy phones Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, G3 as well as an option for many of the 3.0 phones
GSM is a cell technology used by the other of Republic carrier partners (T-Mobile) and is an option for all 3.0 phones
LTE is a Cell Technology used by both Republic carrier partners for 4G data
My choice are the plans that the current 3.0 phones use (will not work on legacy phones


A hint, a lot of the terms are defined simply by hovering over them. The underlined words pop up the definition when hovered over and the white words are clickable.


Hi @cherylec,

You wrote:

Can you help us understand what you mean here? Republic Wireless doesn’t offer a way to purchase a plan except while you’re activating the phone, so I’m not understanding how you’ve purchased the new plan.
When you activate a Moto G1, you will be offered the Republic Refund plan.


Added warning about Pixel 3


The MPN number mentioned above for the Moto X4 is PA8S0006US. Best Buy has the black version listed under that number, but the blue option is PA8S0007US. Can I assume if they are part of the same item listing that they would both work? Only the blue is in stock near me.


That will work. Thanks for catching that and I’ll update the article.


Edited to reflect the S6 no longer being available from Samsung.


I probably know the answer to this question but I’ll ask it just in case …

Is it possible to “trick” a Samsung Galaxy 4J phone into cooperating with a Republic SIM for a different Galaxy model? Thanks in advance!


I don’t think it’s possible and as far as I can tell the Samsung Galaxy J4 has never been released for 4he US market let alone have a North American factory unlocked version do there would be no ROM to flash to make Republic think it was a compatible phone [the hardware is different from the J3 or J7 lines that Republic does support]
Republic uses a white list on software build to tell if a compatible, please see supported phones.