How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

If you’re particularly interested in battery life the Moto G7 Power is a beast.

Yeah but if my wife didn’t throw her phone against a brick wall I wouldn’t have to buy 2 phones. Now she did and that makes the budget tighter

If I had my way she would go without.

So would this phone be compatible? I can’t tell what version of the phone this is

that phone is not compatible as it an international version (A505G) and republic needs the North American Factory unlock version (A505U1)

No. That phone is model # SM-A505G. The Republic Wireless compatible model of the Samsung Galaxy A50 is model # SM-A505U1.

Will this one work. In the Q&A at the bottom somebody said it would work on republic
e5 play

ah thanks

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Unless someone has specifically bought one of these at Best Buy and successfully activated it on Republic, I wouldn’t accept that answer. While it’s the correct model number, It’s labeled as an AT&T Prepaid phone. In addition to matching on the model number, Motos need to match on the software channel. Generally, when the phone is branded for a specific provider it won’t be a match on the software channel. More here:

At $30, I’m almost tempted to grab one and try though.

Thanks. I’m also tempted worst case scenario it replaces my old luna that I use as a play phone


Ya I don’t think it will work. I asked on another form for a user that bought one to check the channel and he replied "it says “att.” "

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Yup, that won’t work. The required software channel for Motos is retus (U.S. retail), amz (Amazon), or fi (Google Fi).

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Ok found another & sprint is one of their partners. I cant find a model number though.

The Fi version of the phone will work with Republic but requires activation on Fi to get that price. Because of that and because they’re a competitor it is generally frowned upon to link to from here.

Link removed.Thank you

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Oh 1 more question. When the wife opens this can I just put her sim in it and she will be good to go or do I have to order a new one?

What model phone is she on now? You need to figure out what type of SIM she has: Can I Use My Old SIM Card in My New Phone? – Republic Help

It is a E4. I looked at the link but don’t see hers listed

Look at the SIM, if the word Republic is all gray/black it can’t be moved. If the “public” part is green, it can.

Ok thanks, I’ll have to wait till the Wife is not looking since this is a Christmas present.

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