How to find a list of old called numbers

Is there a way I can find a list of the numbers I called on April 1,2,3,2018 over a year ago?

Click on Account (Top Middle of the Page) -> Manage Phones

Click on the green “I want to” bar under the phone description
-> Click on View Calls & Messages

In the drop down menu…select the month of your choice “April 2018”
(My phone history goes back to March 2018… so looks like you picked the right time
to look this up, I am unsure how many months call history RW stores)

Do note that the time-stamps on the calls are in UTC… to convert that to your local time
you will need to subtract the proper offset…for example Eastern Standard Time is “UTC-5” hours.

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WOW! Thanks for the info, it was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately for me, I cancelled the phone to try another provider that was not exactly as pitched, Fortunately, Republic was able to restore my number and everything, for which I am very grateful. But this seems to have wiped out everything before late July of 2019. But thanks for this great knowledge, it will be useful.

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