How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number

Right, it should look like like what you see here: How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number as you enter it on the phone dialer.

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I fixed the munged codes in my supplemental response covering 3.0 phones: How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number.

They didn’t transfer properly from out old Community software platform.

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I have a Motorola X 2nd generation with the Republic 2.0 plan. What do I need to do to get the underlying Sprint number. *#*#4636#*#* does nothing and ##3282# bring up a data menu.

from the main post for legacy devices

Find Your Sprint Number

These instructions apply to the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E with all versions of Android offered for those phones. Defy XT users, please use the method here.

Open the Phone app (the dialer that comes with the phone).
Tap the dialer-dialpad-button.png button to bring up the number pad.
Enter ##3282# on the number pad.
Tap Data Profile
Under Username is an E-mail address. The numbers to the left of the “@” in the address are your Sprint number. (Note that this E-mail address cannot receive any messages.)
Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen.


How to find this number for Moto E4 with the Clear Choice 1GB plan?

@nik6567, please see this comment, which should also work on the E4:


I thought I’d just offer my experience on the subject in case it adds any value.

I have a Moto G4 Play with a Clear Choice Plan that I bought just a couple months ago. The spam calls were out of control, anywehre from 3 to 6 per day! I opened a help ticket to request a new underlying number without changing my real phone number, and within a few hours they made it happen. Haven’t gotten a spam call since.

Some people have asked if there’s any way to tell if an incoming call has dialed your proper number or the underlying network number. In my experience, these spam calls always showed as coming in on cellular even though I was connected to WiFi at the time.

the best way to tell if the call came though the underlying number is that there will be no recorded of the call in you account call log
click “I want to” and then “View Calls & Messages”


I have a Moto G5Plus, and tried the 4636 code, got to the Phone Information screen, and there’s no phone # there. Is that normal?

I was trying to sign in to twitter, and it tells me my RW phone # is an unsupported phone.


Even if you could find your number, it wouldn’t work. The My Choice phones are incapable of receiving text messages to the underlying number.

Does anyone know how to do this on a Samsung Galaxy s10+? The above options do not work and the QuickShortcutMaker is out of date and will not work properly with android 10.



The information provided by @louisdi, in the entry above yours is still the valid answer to your question

I should have clarified. It is not a matter of texts for me, but rather spam calls. On my previous Moto z2play, i registered both numbers with the site, which helped tremendously. having just activated this phone I have already recieved a few spam calls, and I would like to register its “other” number as well.


Samsung Note 10+, this does not work. Any other options that don’t cost $2? TIA

Hi @Corhsin,

What’s not working? The method for using QuickShortcutMaker? I understand Android 10 will complain about the app not being optimized, however, it’s still working for me on several Android 10 phones. I do not have a Samsung running Android 10 in the household.

As an aside, for what purpose do you need the underlying number? The old hack of using it to receive text messages no longer works anyway.

Texting another phone shows the primary number. QuickShortcutMaker does not show ‘Device Info’ when searched, and many of the things it does show state “Additional Permissions Required” if trying to launch them.
The number is needed for Venmo

Hi @Corhsin,

QuickShortCutMaker continues to work for me on the only household Samsung phone available to me , which is running Android 9.

In any event, giving Venmo the underlying number won’t work as it cannot receive text messages. It never could on newer Republic compatible phones.


Yes, android 10 on the Samsung complains, and the app will run. But once you manually find Settings> About phone> … and try to create any shortcut the app just stops functioning (cant create or cancel, must close the app).

I have a Samsung A11, Android v10. Lately, I’ve been getting real calls for the wrong person, which I’ve confirmed are intended for a phone number different than my RW number.

The Samsung method utilizing the Messages app does not work for me. All text messages report coming from my RW number.

Is there yet another way to verify my secondary number?

@keel, open a help ticket and in that ask to have the secondary number (a.k.a. “MDN”) of your phone changed, hopefully the different one will be quieter than the one you have now.

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