How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number


Any idea on how to add this as a dialable contact? I can add to contacts, but I can’t dial from contacts. It’d be great to add it as a shortcut or else dialable contacts. The reason I’d like to do this is to help some folks figure out if they called “my number” incorrectly or else the underlying Sprint number.


You want to know if an incoming call is coming to your Sprint number? There’s no way to know that. Incoming calls have caller-ID information about the originating phone number, not the destination phone number.


Ok, but that’d be really cool if possible! Kind of like in Gmail. If you use Gmail to manage more than one account, it’ll show a the actual destination email, so you know what account it came to. Would be cool if someone built an app or tool to do the same on a smart phone.



I just tried ##3282# on my Moto X and found my Sprint number. the instructions are correct. In case you have a Defy XT, there’s a different method- see DEFY XT: How to find out your phone’s Sprint number


Ah, now it works. I’m pretty sure I had even tried after a reboot with no luck before. But now it worked as it should. My phone is a Moto X. Thanks for confirming.


Is that why Im unable to transfer my sprint number to RW. I have had that number since 1988 and would like to keep it. This is the only thing holding my back from leaving Sprint for RW.


No, this secret/hidden/underlying/undocumented Sprint number has nothing to do with transfers of numbers from other carriers (including Sprint) to the phone’s primary number. If your other phone’s Sprint number can’t be transferred, it’s because doesn’t participate the “rate center” to which that number belongs.


You should NEVER use their system to “opt” out of the calls, all you are doing is confirming they have a good phone number to call. Either sign up for the Do Not Call List, or I use Advance Mobile Care. AMC has a feature that blocks unwanted calls. Really, you should do both but if you sign up for the Do Not Call List and you still receive calls there are monetary penalties.


Cool, was real easy to follow your instructions. Tested dialing my other RW phone’s sprint number. Worked perfectly.


Perfect! Thank you, that worked. I found the Sprint mobile number and gave it to the collection agency that keeps calling me in search of the previous holder of that number. They were able to take the number out of the system so I won’t get anymore calls.


Can the hidden number be used as a possible SMS / MMS receive number ( I’ve been getting spam SMS / MMSs ) but the person doing it is doing mass MMS / SMS sending and I did not know the number to tell him to stop sending to before. Now I do. So if I am having trouble receiving MMS is this a solution? ( I have the Moto X and sometimes there are still problems with sending and receiving …tried the native app, google hangouts and various other ones switching my default app and it seems all have advantages and disadvantages in sending and receiving ) … It seems this person has no problem spamming me with SMS and MMS so it seems a solution after getting them to stop.

Also can it be used with GV ( even though my only problem with GV is that often lately it switches the incoming number as my google voice number as opposed to the caller who is actually calling my google voice number ) …which forces me to look later in the GV app which will tell me after I missed the call as opposed to knowing the number calling during the ringing. I change it back in settings to show callers number and somehow it keeps switching it back to show incoming calls as " My GV number ". It’s irritating that it shows my number is calling itself ( well my RW number ). This started after switching to the Moto X but not sure if that is the problem since it doesn’t happen to another line with the same settings in GV. I probably won’t use it with GV since it seems redundant and unnecessary unless it would help solve that problem.


I don’t think MMS messages can be received on the Sprint number - at least not in my experience thus far (just tried one). SMS messages definitely can.

One way to tell if messages are coming to the Sprint number is to disable cell service when you have working/usable Wi-Fi. You can disable cell service either via Airplane mode+Wi-Fi-enable or Toggle Cell - Android Apps on Google Play. Call or texts to the Sprint number can’t bother you when cell service is unavailable. So if disabling cell service stops the nuisance texts, then you’ll know which number is being targeted.


Sorry …gone a bit playing CoD with my son. All the numbers on the list that he is sending MMS and SMS texts to are Texas numbers and I am in Virginia …plus my hidden Sprint number is a Texas number so I’m pretty sure. He is spamming to like 50 numbers all Texas ( church group apparently ) I nicely asked him to stop and his reply was he did not even recognize my number ( Va number ). I am receiving both MMS and SMS from him. Without looking back at all the numbers he is sending to in the group MMS / SMS ( spam to me ) I think one of those numbers must be my hidden Texas Sprint number. With that in mind what do you think? Can that be a decent solution to put in say a signature as a return option to those whom you do wish to receive from?


You need to actually write your Sprint number in the message when you ask him to stop sending. He should recognize that number. If that doesn’t work ,use the nuclear option as noted in the blog.


Thanks. Also I actually did look and the number that was my hidden Sprint number was one of the 43 numbers he was sending to. It has been receiving both MMS and SMS so maybe it can work as a solution in the signature to those who you do want to receive from. I will contact him and let him know tomorrow with the hidden number in the text to remove from his list of recipients.

Also I read somewhere ( don’t remember where ) that an instance that can cause the " hidden number " to change would be switching to the $5 plan ( with no actual cell talk or data … Then returning to the $10 , $25 or $40 plan ) … Makes sense. As long as one doesn’t do that maybe that can be a solution for MMS / SMS receiving. Thoughts?


Mr Number doesn’t work on Android 4.4 to stop spam text messages.


Also consider adding both your phones Sprint and RW numbers, both to the National Do Not Call registry: National Do Not Call Registry. It may or may not stop robo callers but it helps.

I got a weird call from a bill collector looking for a woman I never heard of and after reading this realized it might have come in on the Sprint number.


The MoneyNetwork phone (888-913-0900) will not allow you to get past the screening for valid card customers. New Republic customers do not have an account. So you are blocked from having your Sprint number blocked from an association with it’s new owner.


Install the Vonage mobile app and type in your underlying Sprint number as your phone number when you sign up. This will allow you to call using the Vonage mobile app and have the caller id show up as your underlying Sprint number. This should allow you to call The MoneyNetwork to unsubscribe from their services.


This is the best! Thanks for posting!