How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number

Every Republic phone has the Republic number that you know and give to others. For those with cell service plans, there’s a second number that’s required and used behind-the-scenes to receive calls when Wi-Fi isn’t available. You don’t normally need to worry about this secondary number unless you’re receiving unwanted calls for the mobile customer that formerly used it.

How to Find Your Secondary Number

Defy XT

Please see this.

Legacy Moto X, G, and E models

These instructions apply to the Moto X 1st & 2nd gen, Moto G 1st & 3nd gen, and Moto E 1st & 2nd gen, with all versions of Android offered for those phones.

  1. Open the Phone app (the dialer that comes with the phone).
  2. Tap the dialer-dialpad-button.png button to bring up the number pad.
  3. Key in # # 3 2 8 2 # on the number pad.
  4. Tap Data Profile
  5. Under Username is an E-mail address. The numbers to the left of the “@” in the address are your secondary number. (Note that this E-mail address cannot receive any messages.)
  6. Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen.

Unlocked LG, Moto, Nexus & Pixel models

These instructions apply to all Moto models not listed as legacy models above, as well as Nexus and Pixel models from Google.

  1. Open the Phone app (the dialer that comes with the phone).
  2. Tap the button to bring up the telephone style number pad. On LG, tap Dial on the row at the top.
  3. Key in * # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # * on the number pad. A menu of Testing options will appear.
  4. Tap Phone information
  5. At the top of this page of information, the Phone number shown is the secondary number.
  6. Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen.

Samsung models

  1. Install QuickShortcutMaker
  2. Open QuickShortcutMaker
  3. Type “device info” into the Input keyword to filter field
  4. Tap the Settings drop-down
  5. Just below that tap Settings - Device info
  6. Tap Try
  7. You’ll see a Phone info menu
  8. The Phone number displayed is your secondary number
  9. Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen

Alcatel A30

  1. Install QuickShortcutMaker
  2. Open QuickShortcutMaker
  3. Type “phone info” into the Input keyword to filter field
  4. Tap the Settings drop-down
  5. Scroll to, then tap Settings - Phone Info
  6. Tap Try
  7. You’ll see a Phone info menu
  8. The Phone number displayed is your secondary number
  9. Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen

Huawei Ascend 5W

  1. Open the Phone app (the dialer that comes with the phone)
  2. Dial *#*#6130#*#*
  3. You’ll see a Testing menu
  4. Tap Phone information
  5. The Phone number displayed is your secondary number
  6. Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen

Are These Calls Using My Secondary Number?

You might be able to determine whether a call or text used your secondary number with one of these methods.

Watch the phone’s screen when it rings

If your phone shows you whether incoming calls come in on the “Republic Network” or on Wi-Fi, vs. coming in on on the “Cellular network”, and your phone is currently connected to Wi-Fi when you see an incoming call come in on cellular, that might mean it’s a call to the secondary number.

See if the calls stop when you don’t have cell service

When you have a good Wi-Fi connection for calls and texts, disabling cell service will stop calls and texts to the secondary number from being received. This technique is only useful for calls or texts that come from the same number repeatedly; by their absence you’ll know those were using your secondary number. To disable cell service, enable Airplane mode, and then re-enable Wi-Fi. Don’t forget to disable Airplane mode when you leave the Wi-Fi area.

Defy XT users: When you don’t have cell service, you won’t receive voicemail notifications, and listening to or deleting voicemail will not clear a voicemail notification that was received earlier.

Note that disabling cell service isn’t a solution to the unwanted call/text problem. If there’s a problem with your Wi-Fi or Internet service, you’ll miss incoming calls or texts that would have otherwise been delivered by cell service.

Dealing With Unwanted Calls

You have a wrong number

Most human callers will stop calling if you let them politely know that your secondary number no longer belongs to the person they’re calling.

Automated calls frequently offer an option to stop future calls. Sometimes those options will work, and I advise trying them (others may say otherwise, but my experience has been favorable in stopping refinance-offer calls).

Send callers directly to voicemail

Please see How to block unwanted calls or texts

The Nuclear Option

When you're unable to stop or sufficiently block calls to the secondary number, you can ask Republic to change that number. It's possible your new secondary number may have the same problem, but most report that their new number is quieter than the old one. To request a change to your secondary number, contact Support.

OMG…thank you…i have been waiting for someone to post this info on the hidden number. I want to use my new moto x as my pager as i have been using my phone as a pager for YEARS…And really, 34 freaking years in the computer industry, working for a LARGE company…their MultiMillion dollar paging system can not text me with my phone number…it is embarrssing.:…crap…a 4 year old can text me from a $5 phone, why can 't HP? I guess the world is full of mysteries. Anyway…i did some testing with the defy…before I got the moto x and the only way paging would work, was with the hidden number. SO, this is GREAT info, I just tried it and it worked, got a number and tested it…You are a BRAIN, thanks carlh…(i wanted a smart phone for the camera, but i am sure will figure out other crap(apps) that may be usefull.). Next step is to port my cell # over to RW…(have to do after i get off oncall) John Casey


Thank-ya carlh.

I knew you would find it. You sure didn’t disappoint as usual.



Ya Thanks now we have two phone numbers and it does work with wifi on too - will that other number allways be on our phones?

The Sprint number will be there until it’s replaced with a different one, and nobody will tell you in advance nor after it changes. If you tell anyone to text or call that number, you must accept all the disclaimers here or forget that you ever heard about it!

That link is broken now. What disclaimers are you referring to?

Sorry about that, the link above is now fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.


Thanks Carl for the info. Now that I’ve found it, I’m off to the Do-Not-Call registry. Between that and Mr Number, I will hopefully stop the unwanted calls I get periodically!!


Very helpful info that I was looking for. Can this number be replaced by my old mobile number just like porting to replace RW number? Thanks in advance for the help.


No, you cannot port a number into the phone’s Sprint number. The Sprint number is not considered “yours” to keep - it may change without notice at any time. The only number you should give to others for phone calls is the RW number. You may use it for specific requirements where texting the RW number doesn’t work if you accept all of the disclaimers here:

Receive texts from banks, E-mail, and other Internet sources


My question may seem uneducated in cellphoneese, but here goes. Why are 2 numbers required? Telling me Sprint needs a number for cell service is not an answer. Why can’t Sprint use RW number? Does this mean that someone else using Sprint has my RW number, NO that doesn’t seem likely. What are the technical reasons Sprint requires; in some cases; a different number with RW customers. This just seems so inefficient/wasteful with cities actually running out of phone numbers and cities having to come up with new area codes. I’m not complaining because it seems to work seamlessly, but it doesn’t comes across as a little backwards. I also like to understand the technical side of things.


RW can only deliver inbound voice calls to your phone - the VoIP personality of your phone - over a Wi-Fi/Internet data connection. (Although they could technically deliver those calls over Sprint’s 3G Internet data, that mobile data doesn’t have the timing characteristics needed for good voice calls, and when you’re roaming you may not have 3G data service.) So when you don’t have a Wi-Fi Internet connection, RW has to send inbound calls for your phone somewhere - how do they get to your phone? If they passed the call to Sprint with a target of your RW number, all of Sprint’s phone switches have been taught to send RW-number calls to the RW central switch. Endless loop.

So that’s where the Sprint number comes in - when RW can’t get to your phone over the Internet, they simply forward the call to the phone’s Sprint number. The call then naturally finds your phone the way it would find any other Sprint phone.

Does that help?


That’s a decent explanation, thank you. One follow up question though, how is it on some RW phones the two numbers are the same? I read this in one of the blogs that some of the MotoX the RW and Sprint numbers are the same.

I don’t know where you read that but I would call that source into question on accuracy. The numbers cannot be the same.


No more questions. Thank you for your indulgence!


How often are the sprint numbers changed?

This shed some light on some problems I was having… Some of my calls were coming through as cell (It was comcast customer service asking for someone else), so i’m guessing they called my sprint number…

This is kind of annoying, though, if the sprint number were to change constantly… I know we can’t request a port, but can we at least ask sprint to set that phone number as static? So it never changes?

The Sprint number rarely changes. Republic is the entity in charge of assigning or changing your Sprint number, so generally it won’t change unless there’s an “event”, e.g. phone upgrade from Defy to Moto X changed mine. Some have reported that troubleshooting problems resulted in a change. And if you get too many unwanted texts or calls, RW will change it on request.


Good to know. Thanks. If this ever becomes a problem with spam calls, I will notify RW. Thanks for this article btw.


The info above is good to know. I also found my sprint number. I’ve also been getting automated telemarketer calls once or twice a day. After listening to the ad they all give me an option to “press 9” to opt out. But I guess that just opts out of that one ad because the calls keep coming. They seem to all be from the same company as the automated ads all give the same option to opt out. It seems if you opt out of one ad they just send others. I sleep some in the day and they wake me up. I get calls as late a 7:30pm. I never had telemarketer calls until I switched to this new “republic number”/sprint. I have had my other AT&T cell phone number since 1997, no telemarketers. I was not able to port either of my AT&T numbers to RW or to Google Voice. I canceled one and need to keep the other for now so that’s a problem. I’m probably going to switch to a less expensive carrier just so I can keep it.

I changed my RW number as soon as I got it because they gave me a number in another area code. They changed it in a day with no problem. I think RW told me the new number they issued me was a Google Voice number. I noticed the numbers RW offered were in the same 5-8 counties and seem to have the same prefixes as Google Voice numbers that Google offered in my state and area code. They look like the same bank of numbers from the same 5-8 counties.

I’m and electronics tech and this is my first touchscreen phone. It has been a bit confusing and awkward to use. I’ve had it about three weeks. Sometimes it locks up and I have to turn it off and on. When I plug a headset in occasionally the screen/phone starts flashing on and off. I think it would be too confusing for my 68yo mother to use. She’s only had basic cell phones and never used a PC.

The sound has been good. I mostly use 30Mb wifi now 55Mb. No dropped calls or cutting in and out from my end on wifi. I’ve only used cellular once so far for voice and it worked fine.

I don’t use phones much so $10 fits my usage and I’m on wifi 96% of the time. I’m having the problems mentioned above. The issues can likely be corrected. I am a little disappointed so far about not being able to port, having the telemarketer problem and the Moto X phone being a little confusing or awkward to use.


You can ask RW to assign a different Sprint number to the phone. Roll of the dice whether another number will be “quieter”. is the underlying telephone service for both RW and Google Voice. That’s why the numbers are in the same exchanges, and why when you can’t port a number to RW you also can’t port to GV.

Phone locking up and sceen flashing on/off is unusual for this phone. Wrong choice of apps can lead to bad behavior, but phones also can have warranty problems. I’d suggest a factory reset and then no new apps (updates to built-in apps are OK), and see if the bad behavior continues or not. If it does, ask RW for a replacement phone.

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