How to force a cell connection on certain wifi networks

Here at my office we have a funky 2.4 ghz wifi setup. As a result, I often get complaints from people I’m talking to on the phone about poor quality of the call. I’d like to use only a cellular connection for calls when I’m here. Is there a way to do that automatically (short of just turning wifi off when I’m in the office)?

Hi @johng.6r5jad,

There isn’t a way to do so from the phone that I know of. If you have access to the router or cooperation from someone who does, blocking outbound UDP port 5090 on the router should force calls to cell. This would potentially impact other users on the network.

This happened to me often, and found a work-around that would / might work for your situation.

I found that going into Republic app, selecting Settings -> WIFI Settings, and un-checking the box “Ask me to join WIFI networks” will disable the phone from join any ‘new’ network found. So, you need to make your work network ‘not found’.
To do that, you need to go into your phone’s network list and remove your work or unwanted connection from the known network list.

This will force a cell connection so long as there are no known networks in range. Down-side is you need to manually add new networks yourself if you go into a new restaurant or place… once added, they will always auto-connect.

On my Moto X (1st gen) in Settings, I pick Network which shows all, click More Settings to see the list of each that have been added, select the one I don’t want, and click Forget on the pop-up. I would think most phones have the ability to delete saved networks…
With the Republic setting to offer unknown connections disabled, and your work connection unknown - it won’t connect to it.

The reason I found this out is I have Xfinity, great at home, but all too often their ‘free WIFI’ connect to anyone’s Xfinity home/work network if you are in range and a paid Xfinity user (you’ll see SSID ‘XfinityWiFi’ often) - both scares me, and often is too poor a connection to do anything; so I removed their SSID from my phone and leave WIFI enabled and it never auto-connects to them. Honestly, driving down the freeway in slow traffic, it would see their network in houses I’d pass, try connecting and mess up calls.

A perfectly viable solution, so long as one doesn’t want to use the WiFi network for Internet access while still making calls on cell.

Didn’t think of that… would be a great ‘Feature’ request to add a
‘To block an SSID from use by Republic Wireless phone calls (networks for WIFI use Only) - Click [Add SSID to be Blocked from RW calls]’ to the RW app.
That would be a great idea - considering especially I cannot make phone calls at a number of restaurants free WIFI - would be great to block specific SSIDs from being used for phone calls.
I’d think RW would go for it considering there are many places that allow free WIFI but don’t want people talking - i.e. the Library…

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