How to forward a text message on moto G4

Hi I am trying to forward a message I received from another person. Can’t figure out how to forward a text. Please help.

I don’t have a G4, but I have a X Pure. To forward…you should be able to hold on the message, this will pop up a menu…and you can choose to forward.

Make sure you are not long pressing an entire thread but just one message in the thread and a menu will come up with a arrow icon to forward it. I just tested on my G4 using Google Messenger. If I long press the whole thread of messages then I cannot forward (as designed).

Some additional caveats and things to consider.

There is no true forwarding…like an email. The forwarded message is simply a copy of text message that you received and appears as if it was sent directly from you…there are no distinguishing marks or other marking that the text originated from a different person.

For this reason, I prefer to copy the message…also feasible with a long press on the message text…followed

by tapping on the Copy symbol (rectangle over rectangle).

Then initiate a new message for the person you want to forward the message. Long press in the compose box…this will pop up the “PASTE” button. Tapping on PASTE pastes the text. This gives you one final confirmation…of exactly what you are sending…and to whom…before it goes out.

My Moto X 2nd using Google Messenger sharing forwarding to email/facebook/twitter/bluetooth or any other type of sharing

just open up thread and long press received text bubble

then the top of phone shows option to share(a less tn symbol) forward (arrow) copy (square on top of square) information (i in dark circle), or delete (trash can(

Yes, my Moto X Pure behaves the same way… I was simply trying to bring out the difference between a conventional forwarded email…which captures the originator’s information…and how that does not happen in an SMS…so if you first select a message to forward…and then accidentally select the wrong contact…message is instantly delivered to that person.

If you use my method…you have clear understanding of Who you are sending What…before you press the Send button

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