How to forward Samsung voicemails to a visual voicemail app

What phone do you have? Samsung S10E

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk & text

I’ve seen people ask this in the forum, but the last time I found a message about it was 2018, and people said the only app or service that could do it was Google Voice. This question is specific to my Samsung, because my previous RW phone was a Moto with convenient visual voicemail built into the phone app. Samsung’s is very roundabout via searching individual callers in the phone history; otherwise all you can do is use old-fashioned, dial-in voicemail. This is difficult to manage now that my inbox is full with 200 messages to delete!

Some people said forwarding to a visual voicemail service doable only via Google Voice. How does this or any other forwarding option (compatible with Samsung) work? Googling for answers is proving harder than I would have thought.

Update: I think I spoke too soon. It looks like the popular YouMail voicemail app is now compatible with Republic Wireless! I’m successfully set up. I have yet do find out how it manages voicemails when I’m away from wifi (I don’t have a data plan), but we’ll see how it goes.

Hi @steveb.flsjco,

Out of curiosity, you were successfully able to set up the free version of YouMail with Republic? This would be welcome news indeed, however, I’m asking for the confirmation because the paid version of YouMail has always worked with Republic.

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Hi @rolandh,

Yes, tthis was the free version. Its setup specifically recognized Republic Wireless as my provider and directed me through the steps to forward my voicemail through the Republic app. I had to enter a phone number which YouMail provided in Republic’s “forward to” option, and then YouMail called me to leave an automated voicemail to confirm that it worked (and inside the app, a user can have YouMail send one of these automated test calls at any time.)


Interesting, historically YouMail has recognized Republic numbers and directed Republic members to contact Republic about fixing its service to work with the free version of YouMail.

This is a standard 10-digit phone number with no special codes?

I shall have to give this a try on a secondary line of service. As an aside, your assessment of Samsung’s implementation of visual voicemail on its phones is spot on.

Correct. The YouMail app, with the free version of its service, gave me a standard 10-digit number to enter in the Republic app for forwarding my voicemail. I don’t have data, but it seems to have my voicemails waiting for me when I get return to wifi after being away. The voice-to-text reading is really good so far too.


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