How to get a replacement SIM to replace my Moto G?

Current Phone: Moto G
New Phone for which I need Sim Card: Nexus 6 from Motorola
$10 - Wifi + Unlimited Talk & Text Only
No Cell Data

I need to switch phones: from Moto G to Nexus 6. Can I order a new SIM, keep the phone number and my current $10 plan? If yes, How to order the SIM?

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Hi @sanjayt and welcome to the Community!

One may always keep their Republic number when changing phones. That said, you will need a new SIM. If comfortable doing so, please share your zip code, so we might evaluate coverage options with Republic for the Nexus 6. With that, we’ll be able to point you to the appropriate SIM.

Regarding keeping your grandfathered $10 plan, that I’m afraid is not possible. Activating a Nexus 6 with Republic requires use of Republic’s newer My Choice plan. Options are described here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless.


Thank you so much @rolandh for your quick reply and answering my question. I was afraid I will lose my $10 plan. I’ll continue being frugal and keep using my Moto G as long as I can. :slight_smile:
Thank you again.

Hi @sanjayt,

You’re most welcome for the answer on the plan. I’ll ask again if you would be comfortable sharing a zip so we might evaluate coverage. If uncomfortable doing so in a public forum, may I have your permission to message you privately?

As you may know and unlike your old Moto G, Republic offers multiple coverage options for the Nexus 6. We want to be certain you get appropriate coverage for your area before you make a SIM purchase.

30041, not a problem. I’m already using RW service satisfactorily in my area and didn’t think it will be an issue. You can always DM me if needed.

As mentioned with your old Moto G, there was only one coverage option. With the Nexus 6, there’s more than one, so I want to be certain you get the right one. As it turns out, the right one is the same CDMA coverage that’s attached to your Moto G. Therefore, please do not buy Republic’s standalone bring your own SIM as that offers GSM coverage, which is so-so in your area. Instead do this to get the appropriate SIM for your Nexus 6:

A couple of additional things. Before asking for the SIM, please install Republic’s app on your Nexus 6 to verify compatibility. If compatible, you’ll be invited to purchase a SIM. Don’t accept that invitation, follow the process outlined above. A direct link to Republic’s app is here:

I am going to follow-up with you via DM with some additional info.

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