How to get a T-Mobile branded S-6 to work with Republic

I just did this for my daughters phone and I wanted to let others know. First, you must have a SM-G920T. If you don’t have the correct build number, it is possible to side load the proper build number using Odin (download from Here is a video to explain the steps. Make sure you use a quality usb cable and you may need to try several times. I was successful in installing the G920TUES5DPK1 build that I got from This was on an unlocked T-Mobile branded phone and it took me several tries. I originally tried to install G920TUES4DPF1, but I kept getting error messages. I’m not sure why it didn’t work. It could have been the cable, my usb port, or that the build was so much older than the build on the phone. After installing G920TUES5DPK1, it quickly updated to G920TUES4DPL1, which the Republic app also supports. Others have done this and I originally got the idea from this thread. The same concept should also work for the Samsung J3.


Hi @michaelp.opsodq,

First let me say thank you for posting this as it no doubt will help some Community members. I think it important to add the caveats that flashing the ROM on one’s phone will void any and all warranties on that phone. If for some reason doing so doesn’t work or the phone is rendered inoperable (possible if one doesn’t pay attention to detail), please don’t expect Republic to provide support. Samsung may or may not assist, if needed.

For the above reasons, many of us here will not recommend that the typical user attempt this on their own, particularly if they’re not as comfortable with technology as you obviously are.

For me personally, if I already had an appropriate phone, I’d likely give it a try. I wouldn’t go out and acquire one for the purpose of doing so.


Great comments @rolandh, you are absolutely right that it will void any warranty, and that Republic won’t provide support., and you can permanently damage the phone. However, I am hoping that this will be an option for some people.

Couple of things I should add, when my first attempts failed, my daughter’s phone was stuck in download mode. In order to reboot it, I hit these three buttons at the same time: down volume, home, and power. The phone then rebooted normally. Also, after I installed G920TUES5DPK1, and saw that it worked with the Republic App, I kept getting this error message: “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” I tried several things to fix it, but what finally worked was a hard factory reset.

So a final reminder is to back up all of your data on the phone before doing any of this, and you may go down the rabbit hole before getting it to work. But it can be done hopefully these tips will make it easier.


Very nicely documented. And to say it a third time in the first 3 replies: You become your own hardware and phone service Tech Support Department by doing this. Be sure that is a desirable step first then think about contingency plans in the event that an issue exceeds the scope of your resources, monetary, technical, and [down] time wise. For some it will be an acceptable risk. I also don’t advise this but understand that some will try it. You seem capable and informed and thus well

As I was reading your second post here I saw the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” had popped up and was going to suggest an FDR but you already found that. Good work.

As to the error message(s) while trying to install an older release, Moto works very hard at preventing phones from being ‘downgraded’ to earlier versions. So you appear to be on track with that analysis. Some folks try to bypass that process. A few succeed, most don’t some brick their phones. From what I have seen the most common cause of bricking is having a partition table – gpt.bin – that doesn’t match your build.

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